Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh no! Outta Wine!

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
Question of the day: Question: What are your solutions to keep humidity down? Do you use a de-humidifier? If so, what type?
How could this happen? I have no wine!!!! In a house, this would never have happened. When I find wine I like on sale, I would buy a case. Ahhhh, one of the downfalls of the Fulltime RV lifestyle, I only buy 4 bottles tops at a time now.
I "need" wine TODAY, for two reasons
1. I'm totally stressed about the flooring being installed in our Fifth Wheel.
2. I'm am obsessed with reading blogs. Wine and blogs go well together. That's a perfect day for me.
RV MODS-Flooring:
An RV is not a house:
We're putting about $2500. into flooring (materials & labor) for the RV. Is it worth it, since it's not a house with a long life spam?
As things are pulled apart to install the flooring, we find mold build up.
GROSS! Mold corner of bedroom, hidden by bed.
It's from the humidity caused by outside cold temps and the heat inside. Our thermostat has a humidity level indicator, so I guess we'll start paying more attention to that. We now are running a fan in the closet, etc. Scott read that many people open their vents to keep the humidity down. I just hate doing that when it's cold out. Seems a waste of heat going literally out the vent! But I guess that is what is needed to prevent the mold.
Question: What are your solutions to keep humidity down? Do you use a de-humidifier? If so, what type?
I am so stressed seeing the RV apart. Our bed is completely gone...
all the parts outside.

Someone at the Forest River factory doesn't know which is up or down!

Scream!!!!! I don't want to know what goes on.  All our furniture is outside also. I just want to see the finished project.

Since the bed had to be taken apart for the  flooring, we had to empty the storage under the bed. With a 3" layer of memory foam on the mattress  I rarely lift up the bed to look in that storage area. So to my surprise, I found an extra bedspread. Good to have for an extra blanket or when the dogs finally ruin our present bedspread. I buy cheap bedspread because I know our dogs will use the bed as their own extra sized dog bed and yes, our two 65 pound Setters sleep in bed with us also. So eventually, the bedspread just gets dingy especially after multiple washings. Good to know I have a back up! Scott also found some long sleeved shirts he can use for the cooler weather while we're still here in NC. I found our deluxe Scrabble game.
I'd love to get together for a game of Scrabble if we ever meet up on the road!

Our flooring will be taking longer than expected. Chris, who is doing our flooring was recommended by Four paws Kingdom. He may not be the fastest, but he's supposed to be very good. He works by himself, so just that makes the project longer.
So we will be staying here in NC for a few more days. We were hoping to be moving by Wed 12/4, but we'll be lucky to move by Friday. We may just hang over for the weekend now. So that means another few nights on the couch of our home away from home RV rental unit.
Yep,that's me completely "out" on the couch. Take a closer look at the photo. Look at the foot end of the couch. Can you see our English Setter, Lyla hogging my couch space? In spite of that, we both slept very well.
Lyla is an equal opportunity Setter. She wouldn't want Scott to feel less loved. So she alternates her nights.

Sweet Dreams everyone.

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  1. Hi Debbie and Scott,
    Sure is a big job putting new flooring in a RV, Don helped a friend install flooring in unit a few years ago, it was a job, getting everything out was a pain and then putting it all back also.
    The beginning of last winter we had moisture build up in a closet due to the rig being so air tight, so we cracked the ceeling vents just a little and it took care of the problem.
    I want to thank you and Scott so much for helping us and meik and Birgit out this past season, you were life savers. Thanks so much. Be well and Happy Trails


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