Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Photo Project Day 5-Man's Best Friend

Day 5

Man's Best Friend makes me happy!
This is not one of our dogs. But I can be touched by the beauty in the canine form, and particularly the feeling that evolve when I see certain dogs that look so regal, or wise, or sweet, or needy.
This particular photo gives me the feeling of security. 
His name is Gentry. He looks strong, wise, & loyal. 
He gives me the feeling of being safe in his presence. That he would protect me to the death, sort of like the hero in women's romance novels. It's a very contented feeling.

Most dogs in general, whether a specific breed or generic (mutt), give me comfort. 
I never had kids and never wanted them. Animals are the only being that bring out my maternal instinct. 

Gentry is a 2 year old Beauceron. He is bred and owned by Chris, who is replacing our carpeting with  vinyl/fiberglass flooring. He's brought a couple of his dogs over a few times. 

Learn about the BEAUCERON  breed.

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