Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dirty Dancing

Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Our workamping at Four Paws Kingdom has come to an end. We are still staying here for a few days, so if they need something done, we are still here.
Below are out "tools of the trade" for this workamp position.
On left are work gloves that Scott wore. On the right is the rubber glove I wore. The ladies had it so much easier than the men. The guys mowed lawns, stacked firewood, moved equipment, etc. The ladies cleaned bathrooms that never had a chance to get dirty and rental cabins and rental RV's. I'm glad we volunteered for this, but am also glad to be done. I like having all my time to myself. I'll admit it, I am selfish with my time. Over 30 yrs of working full time, I am now enjoying all my free time and don't want to give it up.
It was great working with fellow workampers, Don & Pat. Don would start earlier than required and do more than was required. Pat was always doing a check of the bathrooms to ensure all was clean. They were also the "camp host" until they left. They then passed the position to us.
 Of course by the time the sign was put on our site, the campground was closed!  I'm glad we could ease up some of their work load for the last 3 months of their 1.5 yr unplanned commitment. 
What's wrong with this picture????
The closed sign on the left is Four Paws Kingdom sign. The sign on the right is the local church that allows Four Paws to post their normal sign showing name and distance of campground. The Four Paws Kingdom sign is to be covered during their closed season.
Unfortunately, it sort of looks like the church is closed for the season? The holiday season? Huh? The sign was corrected as soon as we were aware of this oopsy!

Scott saves the day...season!
I had the pleasure of doing a favor for Birgit (co-owner of The Kingdom). They were going to be out for most of the day and asked me to let her adorable Corgi's out. Being the multi-tasker that I am, I decided to walk my own dogs down to their house and let Devin run off some energy in their yard, while letting Lucy & Belle (the Corgi's) have their time out also.

 The photo above is the doggie door I blocked with a sign, a box of firewood and a hunk of tree trunk. Beyond that doggie door is a dog's dream...the camp store with lots of smelly, yummy dog treats. Doggie tacos! Bully sticks! Tripe roll ups! Devin is "saying",
"Oh why, why is the doggie door blocked? I NEED those good smelly things on the other side!"
Lyla is out of camera view and moaning, longing to get to the treats also.
Success & Satiated!
"Ahh, never fear dear sister, I'll get to those treats!"
Yes, Devin moved the hunk of wood and moved the sign and yes, they both squeeeeezed through that itty bitty little Corgi sized dog door!

Lake Lure Inn, Lake Lure, NC
My rating 3.5 out of 5, but everyone else in the group I'm sure would rate it 4 to 4.5.
We finally made it to the 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa, for their Sunday brunch. This is a lovely building, beautifully decorated. Dining areas in multiple different rooms. I like that the tables are well spaced so we can't hear the conversations of the next table. It almost felt like you were in someone's formal dining room. A very pleasant atmosphere.

The buffet was beautifully displayed and all items clearly labeled.
CARVING STATION WITH HAM AND PRIME RIB: I did not have this but everyone in our party said the price was worth it just for the prime rib. Another guest said that prime rib was the main course and all the other items were just sides...if you have room.
OMELET STATION: Made to order omelets, with a large variety of add ins. Always a good choice.
Lunch items included, Beef Burgundy?, garlic mashed potatoes, creamed cabbage, broccoli casserole. I found everything average. I loved the creamed cabbage, but I think that is because I never had it and was pleasantly surprised.
Breakfast items: French toast, biscuits & gravy, applewood bacon, sausage, cheese grits. These too seemed just average. The cheese grits were very good.
Deserts: Assorted cakes & pies displayed beautifully. I tried 4 different items.
RED VELVET CAKE: Sub-par. Cake was fair. I like a dense, moist cake. This was somewhat dry. The big disappointment was that the icing was just a shortening/confectioner's sugar icing, not even buttercream or cream cheese icing that is the norm.
COCONUT PIE: Very little coconut and the custard was beyond bland.
CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE ICING: This was good. Not too too sweet, but rich dark chocolate and creamy dark, chocolate icing.
CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN: Beautiful chocolate fountain with pound cake, strawberries, pineapple, cookies, etc to dip in the fountain.
Lake Lure is a beautiful little town. Lake Lure and the surrounding homes on the lake remind me of New England.
Lake Lure is also where part of the movie,  Dirty Dancing was filmed. In fact, the Lake Lure Inn auxiliary buildings were where Johnny's & Baby's cabins were.

I believe this dance scene was also done on the Lake Lure Inn property. Notice the same placement of windows.

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