Friday, December 7, 2012

December Photo Project Day 7 - chotchkies

Day 7

Chotchkies make me happy.

Chotchkies: a word derived from the Yiddish language derogatorily describing a little decorative 'thing' of little or no purpose we love.

Pink Flamingos: 
     Pop Culture?
                Low life?
                    Poor taste?

I believe this lawn ornament was developed in the 50's. Beautifully landscaped lawns needed a lawn ornament to show your good taste. The pink flamingo became a symbol of status in that you owned your own home and took pride in your lawn.  Eventually, they were almost non-existent and were considered poor taste and an eyesore. During this time people would put them on fueding neighbors lawns as an insult.  Also, this was a great fundraising project. The flamingos were put on lawns and you had to donate money to the charity to get it removed.
Somehow, in the 90's to present day, the pink flamingo has made a major comeback as well as the glass orbs for the lawn.

So although, I would not have a pink flamingo on my lawn, they do bring out a smile. Of course I will be the first person to have a dog peeing statue on my lawn.

Do you love or hate them?

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