Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Photo Project Day 8,9,10,11,12 - Multi tasking

Day 8 - 12

Purging makes me happy. 
Campfires make me happy.
Photos make me happy.
Digital world makes me happy.
Multi-tasking makes me happy.

Yes, this photo represents five things that make me happy. Phew, glad this photo helped me catch up on this December Photo Project. Five days in one! 
In case you haven't bothered to click  the link above to this project, below is sort of the reason for the project.
Take one photo each day for the first 25 days of December and post it to your blog (or Facebook album or Flickr page, you get the idea). In this month of celebrations, there is always something new to see and document each day. The DPP is a fun way to challenge yourself creatively and share the results with your friends on a daily basis.
It is fun and gives me something to write about, but daily is tough to keep up with.
Day 8: Purging! Yes, it feels good to get rid of stuff, especially if it can be used by someone else or just "disappear" as it did in this fire.  I've been scanning and scanning photos to the computer. Still have many to go. But oh, the freeing feeling of all those albums being so available and enlarged with just a click of the mouse.
Day 9: Campfires! Although, I don't have them often, I do enjoy them as long as it is daylight out. Huh? Most people like fires at night. Nope, not me. I like them on a cool morning or late afternoon. I need to always be doing more than one thing. If I have a fire at night, I'm just sitting there, yes enjoying the fire, but I need to be doing something else. If we're with friends, then that is the 2nd "task", but alone, I need to read, or knit or crochet, or groom the dogs, or ...
Day 10: Photos- Photos can make us both happy and sad, but for the most part it is a happy feeling. Even looking at photos that at the time may be sad, time tends to dull the pain and sadness. Photos are the best way for me to remember our experiences. That's how I remember to write about things on the blog also.
Day 11: Digital world! I've mentioned many times of different programs, websites, devices,etc that make life today so much easier. This is all because of the digital technology. I love it!
Day 12: Multi-tasking!  I've got to do it! Right now I'm blogging, watching the 12.12.12. concert and also working on my rescue work. 

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  1. Is that like kill 4 pics with one stone? :O)
    Lv'ed the concert - amazing how those old dudes can still sing, such memories!


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