Saturday, December 8, 2012

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Sevierville, TN 37862
On our way to more interesting sites. Our first and last or rare workamp gig is over. In August, we looked forward to helping out Four Paws Kingdom in NC, and in December we looked forward to be moving on. We NEVER thought, "I can't wait until this is over", but it is a great feeling to be moving on.
So I hope you'll continue to "Follow Me" forward to new places across the USA.

Our general plans will bring us through southern TX, to NM, then North leading us to Washington, Oregon, Idaho in the Spring and across the northern States during the summer to hopefully keep a little cooler.
If you think you may be near, let me know. Our plans are made of jello and very flexible. Would love to meet up. We won't overstay our welcome. We like our alone time, but would enjoy some time with unmet friends with similar interests, RV, dogs, crafts, computer gaming, wine, eating, etc.....
While in NC, we came across a little streetside market. We picked up some SCUPPERNONG Cider. With such an odd name, I thought it was some southern hillbilly name. But nope, it's a grape native to NC, originally grown along the SCUPPERNONG RIVER. 

Scuppernong River is near Columbia, NC and looks like it would be a nice area to visit.
When we decide what area we'd like to go we begin by checking RV TRIP WIZARD which is a great tool for planning and finding RV parks.We usually Google Search for COE (Corps of Engineers) campgrounds, County, State, and National Parks. We ALWAYS check out RV PARK REVIEWS before choosing a campground. 
When we stop in a new area, I have a folder on my computer, that I titled "NEXT STOP". Here I list websites to check out what might be of interest to us in the area.
Here are some of the links:
TRAIL LINK which is the search site for the RAILS TO TRAILS CONSERVANCY. Rails to Trails turns old railroad lines into walking/biking paths. They are a non profit group and the trails I've been on have always been wide and well maintained.
KNIT MAP Yarn shops in the area
NEEDLE TRAVEL Yarn shops in the area
YELP This site is NOT ONLY for restaurant searches/reviews, but also for many local businesses and activities.
Not much going on. Still crocheting for charity rectangles and doing a lot of "research", meaning reading a lot of crafting blogs. It's better than HGTV! In my web browsing, I found this.
No, I don't plan on attempting to knit this, but it could be a self portrait!
Scuppernong Cider
My rating 4 out of 5

Refreshing. Similar to a goo White Grape Juice, such as Welch's.
Just a little too sweet. I can only drink a couple of ounces at a time.

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