Thursday, December 27, 2012

Memphis, TN

West Memphis, AR 72301

Memphis...too much of a city. If the weather was nicer, we may enjoy it more. The city is full of parking garages. There is very little street parking for a 350 dually pick up. It's best to just park and walk where ever you want to go. It's a city, but not a huge city, so many things are walking distance.
Little Tea Shop, Memphis, TN
Our rating 3 out of 5

Cute little historic restaurant. Nothing fancy. We were greeted by a very friendly woman. Almost felt like we were welcomed into her home.
The menu is different every day with a few regular items listed daily. I was at first disappointed in the limited menu items for the day. Since it was a cold, bitter, day, I thought a nice stew or chicken pot pie would be nice. Neither was listed on today's menu.
Omar, our waiter was very friendly and attentive, maybe a little too attentive.
So we penciled in our choices for lunch and handed him our order.
CORN STICKS: We were immediatey served a basket of corn sticks (long muffins). At first I was disappointed because they were not sweet like I prefer, but before I knew it, I was addicted! They are delicious.
SMOKED TURKEY & RICE SOUP: Definitely home made. The smoked turkey was excellent and flavored the well seasoned broth. Rice and vegies made for a nice robust well rounded soup.
LUCY SPECIAL: Chicken on cornbread with gravy, side of rice smothered in gravy.  Chicken was moist, gravy was tasty.
SALAD: Crisp romaine & iceberg greens with an interesting home made vinigarette type dressing. Very good.
COUSCOUS SALAD WITH SALMON: A huge plate full of chilled couscous seasoned with something green in it. At first I was disappointed, but after a few bites, it was also delicious. Add a little of their dressing and mix in the greens on the bottom made for a delicious meal. The salmon was originally blackened, then chilled. Very good.
Did not opt for desert for two reasons: 1. Past reviews said the cobbler was nothing special. 2: We were full!
Omar asked if we were visiting. How intuitive? Oh, he saw our city map clutched in my hand. He suggested after lunch we stop at the Planters peanut store.
The Peanut Shoppe, Memphis, TN
Our rating 4 out of 5

This is one of 11 Planter's peanut shops left in the world. This is the 2nd oldest shop, the 1st being in Atlantic City, NJ.
The store is very cool, very old galley type store. It's like you've stepped back in time. One long aisle. Trays of all kinds of nuts, roasted, salted, plain, candied. Popcorn was popping as we walked in. The smell was wonderful.
You order by the 1/4 pound and up. The scales are old fashioned weighted type. I asked for a 1/2 pound of pumpkin seeds. Out comes a 1/2 pound weight that he places on a tray and then scoops the seeds on the other tray until the center scale reads zero, or there about. His weighing is not an exact science but he errs on the side of the customer.
Similar to this.

CHOCOLATE, TOFFEE PECANS: I ordered pecans surrounded with toffee, then chocolate covered. I didn't care for them. I couldn't taste the pecan although when you break it in half, you can see there is a pecan in the center. My husband liked them though.
CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS: Not great, but not bad. One step up from Raisinets.
SALTED ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS: Large seeds and delicious.
SALTED ROASTED PISTACHIOS: Rich tasting and delicious.
CARAMEL GLAZED POPCORN: Outstanding!!! This is not your toffee type boxed popcorn. This is home made and the fresh popped popcorn mixed in. Absolutely delicious and addicting.
Ridda, the owner was very friendly and saw we appreciated the history, especially since being from NJ, I have childhood memories of the AC Planters store.
Ridda told me to stick my hand into this torture chamber looking object. I was hesitant, but finally did. It was warm inside! He had just finished roasting peanuts in the original 83 yr old roaster! He really takes pride in his product and store.

83 yr old peanut roaster
This is not only a nice place to pick up some snacks, but also a history lesson and a place for tourists and locals to stop just for the attraction of the store itself. Say to hello to Mr. Peanut when you stop by.
Ends up, Omar from The Tea Shoppe is a cousin or brother in law of Ridda at The Peanut Shoppe. They are Lebanese and very friendly and welcoming.

Memories of AC (Atlantic City, NJ)

I remember going to AC (Atlantic City) as a child with my Nana. We saw the famous DIVING HORSE on the Steel Pier. Here's a YOU TUBE VIDEO of the Diving Horse.

This is the first place I saw chicken eggs in an incubator and chicks hatching.

My Nana said she went to a Phyllis Diller show, sat near the front and laughed so hard and loud, Phyllis told her to hold it down, she was stealing her act!

We saw a couple of Miss America parades on the boardwalk. 1969

I saw the Brady Bunch in concert on the Steel Pier.
And referring back to the Planter's peanut store, I was scared to death of Mr. Peanut.

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  1. The peanut shoppe sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to visit there.


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