Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shoulda gone South!!!!!

West Memphis, AR 72301


All is well somewhat, with our RV troubles. The bearings problem is all fixed for $1100. and now trying to keep warm right next to the Mississippi River. 37° and much colder with the high wind chill factor.
We had ALL the bearings replaced. We had all our bearings checked and packed this past April. We had upgraded to a 7000# axle earlier this year. The bearings were 6000#, so the new bearings are now 7000#. The mechanic thinks the bearings were over tightened when we had them packed in April. Also the cotter pin? broke.
The spindle threads were stripped. So all had to be replaced.
After our first day's problem we stayed at Soaring Eagle RV Park. After pulling in, connecting the electric, then checking the inside to make sure we can open the slides, open we do and we hear an odd sound. All of a sudden Scott yells stop. He goes outside and oops, he forgot to put the cover of the electric post down and the slide rammed into it.
Luckily, it is only cosmetic on the skirting. We are trying to think of a cheap solution. Any ideas?
Time to move on. We were delayed for 2 days.

Other titles for this post:
I'm in RV hell!
TX can't come soon enough!
White Christmas.
Freezing on the Mississippi.
Who's idea was this anyway?
Cabin fever

Can you tell I'm miserable????

Weather is horrible!!!! Since we arrived, it's been freezing, snowing, sleeting, frigid winds, nasty rain, high winds.
I've gone through excitement of being in a new area and I ALWAYS love being on the Mississippi.
To disappointment that the weather has been so bad that it's a chore to walk the dogs and not pleasant at all. There are wide trails all around this RV park, but we haven't been able to enjoy them.
To depression: We are stuck in the RV. It's starting to feel claustrophobic. Scott is getting on my nerves.  Scott has done nothing wrong. This is the first time since living in the RV (1.5 yrs) that I've felt cramped. I can't find my own private space because my usual space is too cold. The other day I spent the whole day in bed to keep warm & watched TV and explored around on my computer. I would have loved this when I worked full time! Now it's that I don't have the OPTION of going outside that is driving me crazy. There's a couple of items I want to put in the basement, and I don't want to deal with the cold, wind and trying to flip up the panel. Really, really nasty weather.
We have a nice fire pit that overlooks the Mississippi River. We have as much FREE firewood as we'd like. Meaning, there is plenty of driftwood all along the shore line. But it's been too wet and too cold to sit outside even with a fire. Even while in Sevierville, we had quite a bit of rainy weather. When we first got to Sevierville, I went around to empty campsites and gathered left over fire wood. I had a nice pile, but the weather didn't agree with my plans.

So, I've got to rethink my outlook. Scott has helped with that. He's such a sweety.  He reminded me that there have been days when I've spent the whole day on my computer, sitting in my easy chair and it's been beautiful out. So I've got to forget about the weather and enjoy myself in the moment.

We were planning on continuing to head West and hit OK, but change in plans to hopefully get to a little bit warmer weather. I really don't mind 45° and up, but this freezing weather day in and day out while living in an RV is not pleasant. If I were in a regular house, then this would be no big deal.
So instead of OK, we will be heading directly South on I-55 towards New Orleans. We don't plan on going to NOLA, but as far South in one day as we feel comfortable. Then West from there.


Dealing with the dogs in weather like this is difficult also. It's bad enough that we have no fence to just let them outside, but the gravel roads are flooded so it's difficult to maneuver around with the dogs without getting our feet soaked.
We are on an end site, so we have a large area for Devin to be put out on a tether. But, he has found something interesting about a foot underground and is digging his way to China. I've tried covering it with a big plastic tub...he just knocks it over. I've put our bicycle basket inside the hole. He digs a wider hole. So we will have to fill in that hole before we leave. We don't want to leave a bad impression about "big dog people"

Devin has discovered peanuts! When feeding our parrot, I tossed a peanut in the shell at Devin. He sniffed, rolled it around the floor, then rolled around in his mouth. He eventually shelled it and ate the peanut. Now every time we feed the parrot, he is sitting by the cage waiting for his peanut treat.

Why is it, dogs will eat all kinds of garbage...sticks, poop, chicken bones, etc. but when give a peanut, he shells it?!


  1. {{{hugs}}} on the weather and RV issues... I'm not sure where you are headed in Texas but it's COLD in Austin... which is unusual for December! But at least there's no snow and very little rain! Safe travels south!

  2. When you see the Rio Grande River, start looking for an RV the 20s tonite for 7 hrs or so and for the next 3 nites with wind chill in low 20s for central, especially in our soda pop can kind of a rig...


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