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It's all about me, and he still loves me.

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RV Plus Charge Card
Our rating 5 out of 5
RV Plus Card
Yes this is another charge card, but it's only good at Flying J & Pilot Travel Centers for gas, diesel, propane and merchandise.
It is a CHARGE card, not a CREDIT card, meaning you must pay your balance in full each month.
You must be a Good Sam member, or they will enroll you automatically.
There is no annual fee
15 day grace period
Statements sent via e-mail and easy pay on line.
Can pay at the pump. Do not have to go into the office.
Pump does not stop at a pre-set amount. Pump goes until YOU stop it.
You get the CASH RATE, even when using the charge card.
You get up to an ADDITIONAL 8 cents off the per gallon CASH RATE.
10 cent per gallon discount on propane.
1/2 price for dumping.

Here’s an example of the discount we get. If you are a Lifetime Good Sam member, you get another 2 cents off.
Posted Diesel Credit Price . . $3.50/gal
We get the Cash Price . . . .  .$3.44/gal
Deluxe Member Discount . . . . . . . . . . . . $0.06/gal
Our final Price . . . . . . . . . . $3.38/gal
That’s a savings of $.12 per gallon off the credit price!

Another handy item to have on hand is
The NEXT EXIT highway guide
Our rating 5 out of 5
This can purchased as a large paperback or as an on line resource.
We always have this book in our truck. Even though we usually know where we are headed and usually the distance is within one tank of gas so no need to stop for refill, Sh_ _ happens!
The handy book will let you know where RV accessible gas stops are & whether diesel is available, restaurants, campgrounds, hospitals, etc.along each exit of major highways.
It has been essential in helping us feel comfortable pulling in to an establish off an exit and know that our RV should be able to fit.
Plus there have been times when traveling in the mountains with a headwind, that our gas mileage was greatly reduced and we had to make an unplanned refill. No worries, just look how far the next RV/Truck accessible diesel stop is.
One copy is being given away monthly. Entry here. We bought ours from Amazon for under $11.00. it is $14.95 + $6.00 S&H on the Next Exit website.
Look at the deal I got at H.E.B.!!! Yellowtail Cabernet Sauvignon.
$4.83 per bottle
I've really been enjoying this wine. It's dry, yet has a nice berry taste also. This is my go to cheap wine.
FOR THE LADIES: Of course you men can read it if it interests you.
Back in Oct. 2012, I was watching the Jeff Probst show. He had Paulina Porizkova, a former supermodel on his show. They were speaking about aging and accepting the "new you" as you get older. How you feel about yourself, how to adjust, what you miss, how you are treated differently, etc. I may offend some people, but this subject is about women who were "hot" in their younger years, and now face being old.
In High School & college, I was overweight & round faced.

In my later 20's I lost the weight and my face changed completely.  I was voted most changed (for the better) at my 10 year high school reunion. Some people didn't recognize me.
I was one of those "hot" girls. In my twenties was the disco era. And yes, I had a blast!!! I looked great up until about age 35.
Age 34

I had these cool braids with beads. I kept these from age 29 - 48! 
Around 35 is when I started seeing crows feet and couldn't wear eye shadow anymore, because my lids were drooping. By 38 I was having a difficult time keeping the weight off, but still looked good for my age.
Wedding Day age 37
When I hit 50 yrs old, I stopped dieting. I had dieted all my life to keep myself thin. When was I going to be able to enjoy food instead of always thinking of every little thing that I ate???? Also, since my looks are going, why bother with my weight? My eyelashes have thinned out, my boobs are drooping, I feel invisible, so the extra weight won't mean much. 
So 6 yrs later and 50 extra pounds...
I can't believe I posted this.
What I'm leading up to is, things change, some is our own fault and some is no fault of our own. I can do something about my weight, but I can't do anything except plastic surgery for my aging face.
So back to the Jeff Probst show. Please look at these two videos if you are having a difficult time dealing with aging. Paulina spoke so honestly and much of what she said is so true. I'm not afraid to acknowledge I was very good looking in my younger years. I walked into a room and I knew I was getting admiring glances. I could walk into a disco and be bombarded with guys trying to ask me out. There are deifinite advantages to being pretty and thin. You can get away with a lot! Now I have to accept that I am "invisible". I don't get special treatment because I'm pretty. I just get senior discounts now.
Ladies, please view the videos below if you're trying to deal with the older you.
Men, you may want to watch the videos to get some insight into what your mate may be going through in her 40's & 50's. Maybe you'll understand her better.
Jeff Probst interview with Paulina Porizkova:
PART ONE               PART TWO
I am so grateful that my husband truly loves ME. He had the benefit of having some "arm candy", in our early years. Now he just has my glorious personality. Yea, right. If Scott didn't love me for me, then he'd be long gone looking for a younger, prettier, and easy going woman. I'm so grateful when he holds my hand because I know he not ashamed of me even though I'm aging so badly. He loves ME.
Scott has also aged, but not nearly as much as I have. We are both currently 56 yrs old.
Age 38

Age 55
Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed, #3)Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am absolutely loving this series.  If you like Twilight, but more adult, you'll like this series.
Romance, mystery, vampires, adventure, other mutated beings. I enjoyed this so much, I had to download the next book in the series. I wasn't ready to stop reading.

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  1. We've used our charge card a couple of times at the pumps. I enjoy the convenience and the discount! When traveling, I pull into truck stops and fill up with "the big dogs." It's just easier to maneuver the rig in and out. Yep, The Next Exit is a great tool, although ours is a couple years old since we're essentially static right now. It still lives in the truck and remains a handy tool. Have a couple of apps along those lines on my iPhone which are handy, too. :)

  2. Your cartoon was funny! It is very hard to age being a woman. I have 2 daughters age 21 and 25. When I look at them I see what I once was, sometimes that is hard too. But it doesn't effect my love for them.

  3. Nice tip on The Next Exit...just played my order! Our before and afters as we age....feel exactly the same way and so thankful for my sweetie who holds my hand as well :O)


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