Monday, February 25, 2013


Traveler's World, San Antonio, Texas 78214

I unknowingly reserved our site in San Antonio 1 extra day. It so happens that is a good mistake.
1) We needed this extra day, Monday so Renny could be observed after his first hw treatment.
2) There is a terrible wind today, blowing things all over. There is a trailer warning because of high winds. I wouldn't want to be dragging a 35' RV on the highway today.

We are constantly hearing police and emergency vehicle sirens multiple times a day. Can't wait to get to a quieter area.
We visited two Missions this week. They were founded to secure Spain's claim to this land and to teach the native people Christianity and the Spanish way of life.
We first visited Mission San Jose, which was only about 1 mile from the RV park. Susan, of Travel Bug recommended this visit. We drove there, not realizing we could have ridden our bicycles there. Very interesting place. Worth the visit.
Indian quarters

Interesting cactus plant
We planned on riding our bicycles to Mission Concepcion, now that we found out the trail led to many places. But today brought very strong gusts of wind. Kind of scary. The RV is shaking and now I'm thankful we are tight between two other RV's to help ease the gusts on us.
So back in the truck for a drive to Mission Concepcion. Still interesting, but little to see.

We brought our dogs which are allowed on all the grounds except inside the church.
Very windy!
Many of these missions still have an active Catholic church with services.
Little Renny had his 1st of 2 heartworm treatments. He was at the vet all day for observation to make sure he handled it well. And so the sedentary lifestyle for him begins.
Feb. 26, 2013

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  1. So glad to hear little Renny did well after his first treatment...poor little guy. Your husband looks like he is having to hang onto the dogs to keep them from blowing away :)


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