Friday, February 22, 2013

REVIEW: Traveler's World, San Antonio, TX

Feb. 18 - 25, 2013
Traveler's World, San Antonio, Texas 78214
Site #  $34.00/day
SITES: The Allegro Circle (North end) which are lettered instead of numbered sites are very close together. Just enough room for a picnic table. The sites South of Good Sam Highway have some grassy areas and larger sites, but they are mainly reserved for Carefree Club Members. The center pull through sites are the nicest. But good luck getting one of them.
Our Site on right
"Nicer" section
HOOK UPS: FHU, good water pressure
BATHROOMS: Tiled, clean
LAUNDRY: 8 washers & dryers, clean
PETS: Pet friendly in that many sites have dogs, but there is not much space for dogs to relieve themselves in the park unless you let them go on the sites. That is what most people do. Behind the park is a nice public walking/biking paved path. But it is open only during daylight hours.
WIFI: Tengo internet free. Worked great.
SPRINT INTERNET: Good connection
VERIZON PHONE: Very Good connection
AT&T PHONE: Good connection
BOOK EXCHANGE: Yes, a nice cozy room with couch and shelves of books, videos, music CD's.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: River Walk, The Alamo, Missions, lots of restaurants
There is a nice game room with air hockey, pool table, puzzles. Also a small gym with treadmills, etc.
Although the sites are very close and the park is in a not so great area of town, the benefits of close proximity to buses to San Antonio and the friendly residents makes for a pleasant stay.


  1. I keep thinking we stayed there years ago with our popup on our maiden voyage. We had a very nice fairly spacious spot near restrooms on one of the last rows of the park. At any rate, I'd be too claustrophobic in a setup like you have, although it would be convenient for seeing the San Antonio sights. In your case, you're lucky to have good neighbors! :) Makes me appreciate our situation of no neighbors right now. Glad you're enjoying your stay.

  2. I'm sorry to hear the not so good review of this place. I am thinking of staying in San Antonio next winter and I thought about staying here. I really like a nice place to walk the dogs and I need a safe area to drive around since I will be by myself next winter. If Jeff happens to be sent some place warm next winter like this winter, then I will go with him, but most likely I will be alone.

  3. We are also at this park and have been here on and off since July. We love it. In our time here, we have been in three different sites. The pull-through and back in sites toward the back (south side) of the park are way more spacious than the sites up front.

    We have never felt unsafe here. The park is kept clean and neat (except for some dog owners who refuse to pick up after their dogs).

    One morning we woke up to find a big, steaming pile of poo on our electrical cable. Yuck. All I can tell you is it was some people from Wisconsin with two huge golden retrievers that they tied on a rope and let roam around these close together sites.

    Once the snow birds head home, we will once again move to the back of the park. People like it, some of the snowbirds have been coming back here for 17 years!

    The park is a great location for activities in downtown San Antonio.

    The management is top notch and very nice.


  4. P.S. They do have a book exchange along with a workout area, air hockey, ping pong and a pool table.

    Laundry is spacious and clean. Eight washers and eight dryers. Cost for wash is $1.25 per washer. Dryer is $1.25 for 45 minutes.

    It seems like the laundry room is always busy.


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