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Who's the Boss?

Traveler's World, San Antonio, Texas 78214
February 18 - 25, 2013
Although we do not have a couch (anymore) in the RV, we still seem to have a similar problem as the one above. We got rid of the couch to make more floor space for dog beds and a crate. Scott & I each have a recliner easy chair and a desk chair. The dogs have the floor, or a big cushion back dog bed, or they can even relax on our king sized bed. But nooooo! Where do they want to be?
Well, we'll just put an end to THAT!!!
That blue chair is your chair sweety! Get out of my chair.

I wanted to sit closer to the TV anyway.

RV LIFE/Sights:
Yesterday, we did the tourist thing and visited San Antonio River Walk and The Alamo. And tourists we certainly looked like. First, we took public transit in from the RV park. Only $1.10 each way. Not bad. But as we were getting off, or I was TRYING to get off the bus, I couldn't get out. We were in the back area of the bus, so we would exit the rear door. The bus stops, I get up and stand in front of the door. Nothing.  I look around and here the bus driver mumbles something, but the doors still don't open. Scott taps my shoulder & says something, but everything has gone blank because I guess I'm freaking because I'm holding up the schedule for the bus. Scott finally reaches over and pushes the doors open. Huh? I thought it was automatic! I guess we're not in Disney World anymore!
We were dropped off near Hemisphere Park, which was built for the 1968 World's Fair. Again, you could pick us out easily as tourists since we were walking and studying a map instead of just strolling.

Nice park with lots of water features.

We then meandered our way towards the River Walk. Scott really loved the River Walk. I on the other hand could have skipped it. Yes, it was a nice walk, very pretty and kept clean, but I hate commercialism and that's what was all around.

As you pass the restaurants there is a "host" at the entrance trying to entice you yelling out the specials, etc. Leave me alone, I wanted to scream. Scott wanted to stop for lunch. My thoughts were..."sigh...fine". Yep, I was a downer, but tried to keep a happy face on. What I said was, "OK,you can pick the place because I'm usually making the restaurant decisions. You can make this decision, Honey". Scott chose Cafe Ole' right on the river walk. We were led up to a balcony to a secluded table in a nice shady area. We had a beautiful view overlooking the River. That was probably the best part of tour. We relaxed and had a couple of happy hour special margaritas for $3.00. Also had lunch. Review below.
With our tummys full, we headed to The Alamo. The main visiting area is just a small stone & stucco building that we've all seen photos of. Entry is free, but if you want an audio tour it's $6.00. Visiting the Alamo is more a thing of respect than something to see. It's like going to church. While in church you are more in tune with God and more focused on Godly things. When visiting the Alamo, it brings to mind the sacrifices made in history for our country.
The Alamo itself is not much too see. We walked in, viewed 3 or 4 EMPTY rooms. Looked at mostly EMPTY display cases and walked out. There was one display case showing the weapons of the era. The only other display was the miniature model of the whole Alamo area. I don't know if they were just in between changing displays, or if there is not enough money to upkeep?
Another disappointing item about this area, was right across the street were all the gaudy tourist places, Ripley's Believe it or Not, a Wax Museum, etc. I guess you've got to keep the kids happy to.
My favorite part of this area was the front yard of The Daughters of the Republic of TX Library. We couldn't go in because it was closed for inventory. But the front yard area was a oasis in the middle of all the tourism of San Antonio. It is on the Alamo property, so is separated from street traffic by a large stone & stucco wall with arches. The yard is just filled with lots of greenery and a huge sprawling tree in the middle. Ahhhh, so peaceful. This is the way I'd like my yard to look if we ever settle down.

 Everyone I've spoken to about San Antonio River Walk and read about in blogs, have loved this stop. Me? Not so much. It was nice, but not a must see, in my opinion.
Cafe Ole' on the River Walk: San Antonio, TX
Our rating 3.5 out of 5
Old stone building with a balcony overlooking the River, which is where we were seated. It was 2:30pm but they happen to be running a "happy hour special". We opted for the 12oz. Margaritas for $3.00 a piece. The dinner menu was expensive for Mexican food, but you're paying to eat on the River Walk. Best bet is to go for lunch. Much better pricing and some lunch specials also from $3.-$6.
MARGARITAS: For $3.00, they were good. For any more money, don't bother. We opted for the iced, rather than the frozen and opted for salt on the rim instead of sugar. 12 oz. was the perfect size to have before lunch. Didn't fill us. Unfortunately, these Margaritas tasted like the came straight out of the pre-made bottles.
SALAD: I don't remember the name of the salad, but it was very good. Mainly iceberg lettuce, with lots of slices black olives, tomatoes, avocado, shredded cheese, onions and more. I was disappointed that they didn't have a "house dressing" or some special dressing. They only offered creamy italian or ranch. I opted for ranch which they served on the side. It was thinner than many ranch, but I like that. No need for that gloppy dressing. This pours nicely over the salad and I only needed a third of what was offered. Over all, a nice salad.
ENCHILADA & CHALUPA combo: My husband really liked the enchilada, but he hasn't had enough to be a good judge. The spanish rice was good and light, no clumpy.
Wait staff was efficient and pleasant.

Magnolia Pancake Haus, San Antonio, TX 78216
Our rating 4 out of 5
This is a DDD Destination. We would probably rate this higher if the prices were cheaper. But the prices didn't stop us from going there 2x's in one week. Our breakfasts averaged out to $40. w/tip. That is an expensive breakfast!
Wait staff very nice and efficient. We arrived the first time around 10am and the second time about 8am. Both on a weekday and were seated right away. Both times as we were leaving, there was now a waiting list. We lucked out.
GRAPEFRUIT JUICE: Wonderful, fresh squeezed, pink grapefruit juice. Very refreshing.
COFFEE: At first I thought it was good, with some kind of different (but good) flavor. But as I more (black), I decided sugar & cream were needed. I personally would not get the coffee again. My husband seemed to like the coffee, but he is not as picky.
CORNED BEEF HASH: This is home made! This is delicious! What the video of how it's made. But at $4.95 for a side serving, it certainly adds to the price of the bill.
Corned beef hash
BANANA BREAD FRENCH TOAST: Very good. Home made banana bread was flavorful and had some nuts crushed into it also. As far as french It just tasted like it was toasted on the grill in some butter. It was really, REALLY good, but I wouldn't call it french toast. The fresh fruit compote on top was wonderful also.
Banana Bread French toast
PANCAKES: Excellent. I don't think they are the best I've had, but they come very close. Light and slightly sweet. Served with a thinner maple syrup, which worked.
BANANAS FOSTER PANCAKES: Good, but I would not order again. The Bananas foster was basically thickly sliced bananas thrown into a praline sauce. The sauce was delicious. It reminded me of the cinnamon sauce you find on sticky buns or Cinnabons. I would not order this again. I think it would have been much better if the bananas had been sauteed in the sauce instead of just thrown in. The bananas were still cold. Bananas foster should warm and softened slightly. Should also been sliced thinner.
Banana foster pancakes

BANANAS FOSTER FRENCH TOAST: Same topping as above. Thick slices of bread. Pretty good.
Banana foster french toast

WHEAT TOAST: Along with a typical egg breakfast you can get toast, biscuit, or pancake. We got the toast. This was a delicious hearty wheat. It may have been home made also. 
Maggiano's Little Italy, San Antonio, TX 78257
Our rating 4 out of 5
I expected this to be similar to Olive Garden, but no, it's much classier. Great date night restaurant. Linen tablecloths and napkins. It feels like a "nicer" restaurant, but still can dress casual without feeling out of place.
Wait staff nice, but he spoke so fast, I had a difficult time taking in all he said. He not only told us about the suggested wines, but also pushed the appetizers & desserts. He was definitely trying to up our bill, meaning he'd get a better tip.
For such a nice place, I was surprised they had a Buy a meal, take a second home for free. This was called "Classic Pastas". But really, usually the servings are so huge, you end up taking some home in a doggie bag anyway. 
BREAD: A small loaf of warm, crispy italian bread served prior to meal. Yum.
SIDE SALAD: Good. Disappointed that it was only iceberg and maybe some romaine. I was hoping for more spring mix or a few leaves of spinach also. Loaded with sliced sweet onions on top. Chunks of blue cheese throughout. Over all, a decent salad.
CLASSIC PASTA EGGPLANT PARMESAN: Delicious. It was so neat. Looked more like a square of lasagna. But was delicious. Great sauce with a lot of garlic! Served on a bed of thin spaghetti. The pasta was overcooked, but the sauce and parmesan made up for that error.
CLASSIC PASTA SPAGHETTI & MEATBALL: The marinara was very good, but the meatball although large was bland.
I still asked for a doggie bag for my eggplant and was given my doggie bag container plus the extra dinners that is included with the Classic Pasta meal.
Over all, a nice place and I'd go back for the Parmesan again.


  1. OH I love Maggiano's salad...I love their dressing with the blue cheese and prosciutto! And last time I went unconventional and got the beef medallions....yum!!

    So the DDD breakfast pretty good...some not so. See they get on tv and the then they got to jack the prices up :O)

    Thanks for the review....Do you follow CHOW. Might want to google up some other good dining options!


    PS...Nice meet up with fellow bloggers...pretty cool!

  2. Love the cartoon. Our dogs are the same dog beds for them, Mom and Dad's chairs are for them. And you can get up for just a second and they jump in them.

  3. Thank you for the reviews. Those are places we haven't been yet, so we can add them to our list.


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