Friday, March 8, 2013

No Trespassing?

Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM 88030
It is so much nicer staying 2 weeks in one place. Two weeks gives us down time. I am so close to pulling out my embroidery machine and trying out some samples...this close!
But it's so much easier to just grab my knitting project hanging on the back of my computer chair.
I'm still working on Alexa, which is a cabled short sleeve cardigan.
I did crochet a dog sweater for our itty bitty foster dog, Renny. I don't know if he shivers because that's what little dogs do or if he's truly cold. 
I'm cold. I need a sweater!
Either way, it gives me an excuse to quickly use up some stash by making him a sweater.
Adobe Deli, Deming, NM 88030
Our rating 3 out of 5
This is the reason we came to Deming. Adobe Grill was a "must stop" place if in the area. We were warned that it didn't look very inviting, but to go ahead and venture in. Although it was 15 miles from our RV, it was a quick 15 miles with just a straight road and no traffic lights. Sure enough upon arriving, we had our reservations, not for dinner but reservations about even entering this place. 
Where's the entrance? Follow the sign. Is it open? Don't you see the sign on the gate? Dummy!

Ok, we're trusting Ray's instructions and we did venture in despite the No Trespassing sign.

What a curious, cozy restaurant.  You walk in and on your right is the  deli counter with lots of taxidermy animals ready to wait on us.

Then into the dining area, with quite an impressive bar.
There are more taxidermy animals throughout...on the walls, in display cases, etc. If you are offended by this, then don't go here. There is no place to avoid them. There is a 10' alligator in the middle of the dining area. You can sit right next to it if you'd like. Interesting  place. Now on to the food.
FRENCH ONION SOUP: Above average. The beef broth was hearty, but lacking any special uniqueness. Plenty of melted cheese atop the crock. 
FRIED ONION RINGS: Average. They onions were fairly sweet, the batter was crispy. Would have liked their own type of signature sauce to accompany it.
FRENCH DIP SANDWICH: Large sandwich, plenty of good roast beef. The au jus average. Again, both of these items were lacking any special flavoring or unique to Adobe Deli rubs.
PASTRAMI ON RYE: Very good. The pastrami was piled high on a nice pumpernickel/rye bread. The pastrami itself was great. I enjoyed picking up the pieces that fell out of the sandwich and just eating it plain. The bread was smeared with a very potent brown mustard. The mustard definitely had a bite to it and sometimes overwhelmed the sandwich. Lettuce and red onions also on sandwich.
Our sandwiches with a side and a pickle were each $10.99. Pretty pricey for a so-so sandwich. 3" of meat does not make for a good sandwich, unless that meat is exceptional.
I asked for a box to bring the other half of the large sandwich and leftover potato salad home.  I was given a small square styrofoam container. Could barely hold the 1/2 sandwich. So potato salad and sandwich are joined for a new concoction at home.
FRENCH FRIES: Below average. Typical frozen packaged fries. They could have been fried a little longer. They almost tasted like oven baked fries.
POTATO SALAD: This was interesting. Very good. It had more of a sour cream base instead of mayo. Kind of refreshing. But this too seemed just to come out of a big tub.
We arrived at 3:30pm. No one was there to seat us, so we just started looking around at all the animals for a while. Finally we saw a girl at the bar & we were then seated. The wait staff left much to be desired, not only in their service, but the way they were dressed. Both girls although, not really too overweight, both had bellies that could pass for a 4 or 5 month pregnancy. I can not judge since I am very overweight, but and this is a big but (yes, I have a big butt also), the girls were wearing skin tight shirts. More under Pet Peeve section below. We ordered french onion soup because we were told by friends this was good. We were the only 2 patrons in the restaurant when we ordered. Only two people and she couldn't remember which of us ordered what sandwich. Plus, she was ready to take away my 3/4 full soup because I moved it to the side. I moved it to the side, because my sandwich came and I had to make room for the plate! I told her I was still eating the soup.
Looking at the website, we thought the menu was the same for lunch and dinner. But sadly, no. Only sandwiches were offered for lunch. Scott was hoping for a big steak! The start transitioning to dinner at 4pm.
Heading to the Ladies room, this was displayed in the hallway.
I think it is a bicycle taxi from Malasia. The letters on the side are SEDAAP, which are a brand of Malasian noodles. Once in the Ladies room, there were parking meters.

Overall, I would not return. The sandwich was good, the atmosphere is interesting,
PET PEEVE: Girls/Women who wear skin tight clothes and don't have the figure for it. 
All their rolls and bumps show. 
Sample photo
What is the point of skin tight? Is that appealing to guys? I guess that's "full disclosure" for potential mates. There are no surprises as to their body type. I guess I've been deceitful wearing a looser shirt to cover my less than perfect body.
Mar 14 - 27, 2013 Desert Trails RV Park-Tucson AZ 85735

Mar. 28 - Apr. 10, 2013 Dead Horse Ranch State Park-Cottonwood, AZ

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  1. Loving the pastrami...and at that place of all places, interesting! LIKE! It looks right up my alley...thinking about the upcoming corned beef holiday...I pressure cook a brisket and can stand there and eat the whole thing :O) Thx for keeping up with the review on FOOD....bless you! LOL


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