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Items for Sale

Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM 88030
Feb. 26 - Mar. 12, 2013
This page will be for items I've made that are for sale. Sometimes I make things just for the joy of making, but have no use for them. Please check out my page with items knit & crocheted by little ol' me that are for sale. All proceeds go to charity, specifically A&B English Setter Rescue.
Some RV's have a washer/dryer included. We don't and do not want one.  I do a couple of loads every two weeks. That is not worth the loss of storage space for a washer/dryer. Here at Hidden Valley, there is a nice laundry with about 6 washers & dryers. Plenty of room to move around, iron and ironing board, folding tables and clothes lines outside! That is a first for us. They do not want you to hang your clothes outside your RV, but are happy to have you use the clothes line next to the laundry room.
I haven't hung out laundry since I lived at my childhood home, which is 30+ years ago! What the heck, I've got all the time in the day to hang clothes. Let's give it a go. I loved it! I did not hang out our undies and socks, but all the rest was blowing in the breeze and quite a breeze it was. The dryer ran for 45 minutes. By the time I took our "unmentionables" out of the dryer, the clothes on the line were dry also! NM is very dry and windy. Perfect conditions for outdoor air drying your clothes.
But along with the advantage of dry windy conditions is the negative also.  We opened our windows to let the lovely breeze circulate through the RV. I noticed that my keyboard and mouse felt dirty. Yep, sure enough, the fine desert sand blows right through the screens and puts a teeny layer of dirt all over the place. You don't notice it unless the sun is shining in or you wipe your fingers across.
Another negative of the dirt & wind combo, is after taking an enjoyable walk with the dogs, I notice that my nostrils are encircled with dirt. Yeck! Also, both Scott and my eyes have been irritated. We are assuming that is from the sand and wind also.
The temps here in the desert are really strange! It has been dropping to below freezing, as low as 27° one morning. But it really is true about dry cold. You really don't feel the chill as bad as 27° in NJ. The day temps range anwhere from 50 to 75°. Nice!
I love our morning walks. I can see the disappearing moon and then turn and see the rising sun. And during our night walks it is so dark here with no close by towns and no campground lamps lighting. We actually almost walked into an electrical pole because we didn't have our flashlights and it was pitch black! But oh, the rewards of seeing all those stars in the sky. Priceless! Never thought I consider desert living.
We would really consider Hidden Valley a snowbird destination for us. We have too many places to still check out before settling in one place for a season.
You Tube Downloader-This is a great free program to enable you to download and save videos off You Tube and some other supported web sites. Once downloaded, you won't have to be annoyed by buffering and the video is on your computer for whenever you may want to refer back to it.
There are a few You Tube subjects I follow and tend to save many of their videos.
RV Travel offers tips from fixing RV problems, to storage tips, maintenance tips, how things work in the RV,etc.
Lifehacker This is one of my very favorite sites and videos. Lifehacker covers a wide range of every day problems. Many are computer related, such as how to "jailbreak" your devices so it can be used with more apps, how to easily keep your headphones wires from being tangled, tips about using Facebook, household tips and much more.
Geeks on Tour These are RV full-timers who give lectures around the country about all your electronic gadgets and setting it up in the RV, also Picasa photo editing & organizing program, and lots of other useful tips.
Gentleman Bunny shows how to make things with polymer clay.
Polymer clay shows how to make things with polymer clay.
Roberta Kelley demonstrates different things to do on a knitting machine.
Knitting Help is a great source to learn how to knit and also learn advance techniques.
Cat Bordhi demonstrates "how to's" of knitting. Very helpful.
Kens Sewing's Channel Tips on how to use different sewing machine feet, etc.
Eddie's Wheels for Pets This one is close to my heart. We had a 95# Irish Setter named Pillsbury, that in his later years needed a wheel cart to get around.

Whole Dog Journal: Great resource for all dog owners. This magazine is full of up to the minute (well month) current subjects pertaining to dogs.
They cover dog food recalls, training methods, health, medical treatments both conventional and holistic, diseases, behaviors, etc.
They give an unbiased review & rate quality of dog food, quality of dog toys, dog accessories, etc. They are unbiased because they do not take any advertising, so are not beholding to any companies or organizations.
They have the digital version on line, but they mail you the Journal also. I love the on line version because I KEEP & index all their issues for reference.
Since we are traveling into more "popular" areas of the country, we decided to plan ahead. We normally just plan 1 week ahead of time. Our plans are two weeks in Tucson, two weeks in Sedona (recommended by our friend, Petra), and a week at the Grand Canyon.
Desert Trails RV Park-Tucson AZ 85735  Mar 13 - 26, 2013
Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, AZ (20 miles from Sedona) Mar. 27 - Apr. 9, 2013
Trailer Village, Grand Canyon Park, AZ Apr. 10 - 17, 2013
No matter what life brings you,
take a lesson from your dog... 
kick some grass over that shit and move on. 

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