Sunday, March 10, 2013

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Feb. 26 - Mar. 13, 2013 Hidden Valley Ranch - Deming, NM 88030
Hallelujah! I finally feel comfortable doing what I want without feeling guilty! That is truly a milestone! I am really enjoying retirement while living in an RV. Life is fairly uncomplicated.
Wheeling It, mentioned in their blog about a "restless gene", causing us to need to explore and move to new places. I may be traveling in an RV, which may seem adventurous, but really, I don't need to explore. I am comfortable in our little slice of real estate where ever we are. As long as I have something to do, I am content. I need to be able to read, watch TV, knit/crochet, surf the web, etc. All that takes up little space.

The weather again went down to the low 30's. But this afternoon, it is sunny, light breeze and 50°. Just my kind of weather to sit outside or take a hike.

There are murals on almost all the walls of the Rec-Community room here at Hidden Valley. The building is used as a library, lounge, office, game room, craft room, coffee club, pot lucks, etc.
Here's a close up of that sign on the left of the mural.
This is right next to the coffee pot area. "Why can't you Pilgrims jest drink yore coffee black!"
Our poor Basset butler who holds our Cedar Creek name sign is broken.
The wind was just too much for him. He went boom boom. Maybe I should call him Humpty Dumpty. Not sure if we'll be able to put him together again.  He stands about 3 feet tall, is hollow, in body only. He has a heart of gold. He is made out of resin. I've had him for many years and knew I had to bring him with us while RV'ing. He has been a good friend. I don't want to let him go.
Anyone have any suggestions on how to put him together again? I was thinking epoxy, or fill him with the foam expanding insulation for stability. Or maybe duct tape and paint him? Maybe not. Would love suggestions. Thanks.

PET PEEVE: Misuse of the term, "Gentleman".
The original definition for Gentleman, was a man brought up in a genteel way. Genteel meaning, well-bred, polite, respectable.
Today the term generally means a man who is well mannered and courteous.
So why oh why do news people and even police officers use the term "gentleman" to describe a criminal???? When did the phrasing stop being perpetrator  or to be politically correct and state alleged perpetrator, or man/woman, or suspect, or just generic individual?
It drives me absolutely crazy to hear "The Gentleman was caught in the act of mugging the young woman". Grrrrrr! I myself would like to use "That low-life was caught in the act...".

It's all mine and I'm not sharing!
Deming, NM is about 20 minutes from the Mexican border. I like this company's name and sign. Cute play on words.
Looks like someone penciled in "pest" at the Border Control building. But nope, they are exterminators, bug exterminators that is.

St. Claire Winery, Deming, NM
Our rating 4 out of 5
Very enjoyable visit to this winery. They do grow their own grapes about 35 miles down the road. I was surprised grapes could grow in the desert. Our wine hostess said because the temps cool down so much overnight, that makes a great condition for growing grapes.
They bottle 3 labels of wine. St. Claire and Blue Teal, are very reasonable. DH Lescombes label is much higher priced.
For the wine tasting, you get 2 free tastings. If you want more, it costs $6.00 for 6 tastings, plus you also get your 2 free tastings for really a total of 8 tastings.
Our hostess was very informative and easy to talk to. She really seemed to enjoy her job.
I prefer dry reds and Scott prefers sweet wine, such as ports and fruit wines. I am usually the more picky in my purchases. When it comes to sweet fruit wines, it's difficult to go wrong. There is such a wide forgiving curve in fruit wines.
I tried:
Merlot Reserve: Not to my liking. Tart and not an enjoyable after taste.
Cab-Zin: described as "Lightly oaked Cab meets a well-mannered Zin". I liked it. Bought only one bottle for $12.
Shiraz: One sip and that was enough. Did not like.
Cabernet-Sauvignon: another I did not like.
Enough of the disappointing dry reds, on to the sweeter wines. I can enjoy fruit wines, but it has to be a warm day out and the fruit wine icy cold.
Summer Peach: Delicious! Excellent! Real fruit flavor and as Scott said, "you can even slightly taste the skins of the peach also". We bought 2 bottles at $10. each.
Sangria: didn't try, but at $10. for a large bottle, we would try it at home.
Triple Berri: Acai, blackberry & cranberry. Nice. We bought two bottles at $11.00 each.
Plum loco: Cherry & Plum. Scott tried this and bought 1 bottle for $10.00
Pomegranate: Scott tried this one. He liked it, but liked others better. We are in an RV and can only carry so much wine.
Lime-a-Rita: I did not like it. If I want a Margarita, I want a Margarita not blended with wine. Scott liked it so bought 1 bottle for $10.
Port, St. Clair label: Scott liked bought 2 bottles at $26. each.
Port: $4.99: Wasn't available to try. Was it that bad? We assume the $4.99 must have been an under-par batch and they were just trying to get rid of it at cost.
Then I decided to be a touch adventurous. When in the Southwest...
I am not really into all the kinds of peppers & hot sauces, etc. that the SW is known for, but since I still had a couple of tastings left, I tried...
Hatch Green Chile Wine: It smelled like peppers! Ooooh, do I dare? Here goes. A tentative sip and----nothing. Just a white wine flavor. Phew, I jumped that hurtle. But wait---there's more! One more chile infused wine.
Chimayo Red Chile Wine: So I took a sniff and just smelled a red wine. This should be easy! I take a sip and, wait for it!...wait for it! Huh? Took another sip and GOTCHA! There is a subtle tingling in the back of my throat. Not unpleasant at all. Very cool! This is a decent red wine, with that after zing in your throat. Not hot, just a tingle, almost like tame "pop rocks". I HAD to buy 2 bottles at $10. each for the novelty. This will be fun to bring out during Happy Hour with friends and see their reaction.
St. Clair also offers a reduced price for refills. I've never seen this done before. You purchase a jug of their basic red or white wine for $9.99. Bring the empty jug back for a refill for $6.00. Or, they will refill your own wine bottle for $3.00!!! What a deal.
We ended up purchasing 14 bottles of wine totaling only $159.00. We received a 10% discount (-$16.60) and the two wine tasting fees were refunded (-$12.00).
A must see if ever in Deming, NM.
We've got to drink up before we head to Sedona wine country in 3 weeks. Anyone want to join us for a glass of wine?
Mar 14 - 27, 2013 Desert Trails RV Park-Tucson AZ 85735
Mar. 28 - Apr. 10, 2013 Dead Horse Ranch State Park-Cottonwood, AZ
Apr. 11 - Apr. 17, 2013 Trailer Village,(Part of Grand Canyon Park)


  1. Wow, that's a lot of wine tasting.

    I don't know how to repair a broken resin Basset hound, but I'll be interested to see if anyone else does.

  2. Next to Super Glue or even better, I've mended many a thing with E6000 glue. It's got some super duper hold to it...
    P.S. cheers on the winery...nice stop!

  3. Try a product called Goop. Found in paint department, adhesives at Lowes or Home Depot. Amazing stuff.

    That should have Humpty back in fine shape fast.


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