Monday, March 11, 2013

Little dog lost

Feb. 26 - Mar. 13, 2013 Hidden Valley Ranch - Deming, NM 88030
I really enjoy getting a buzz from a big glass of wine...only one. That's not just a part RV life though. I worked for the Post Office for 32 years. What I liked about my job, was the benefits, the pay and the fact that when I punched out on the time clock, I was done. No worries. My Father would ask why I didn't want to become a Supervisor. NO WAY! Being a clerk in the PO, I do my job and I believe I had a very good work ethic and did a very good job. But if we were overwhelmed with Christmas mail...oh well. Not my problem. I sort the mail and try to do it a little faster, but it was not my worry. When the end of my shift came, that was it. The mail was now the Supervisor's worry and who would be willing to work the overtime. It sure felt good to head home and have a glass of wine and forget about the Post Office.

Watch out for the storm coming...
Normal view

Storms nearby
So what happened when the storm arrived? A lot huffing and puffing (high winds). Then the rain came! Yep, rain in the desert, about 10 minutes of drizzle. THEN, the hail came! Itty bitty ice dots for about 3 minutes. The wind tamed, but still hung around for most of the day. Storm over.

While the cat's away...nope I won't be playing, but totally relaxing. Scott  had to go into town to the Ford dealer. We needed our EGR valve replaced. Our engine light keeps coming on in the truck. We've had the valves cleaned twice. $450. later, it is replaced. It's a beautiful day outside and I've been sitting in my easy chair with my laptop for 5 hours reading blogs while Scott is sitting in the Ford waiting room, then going food shopping. I'm loving it! 
Just did our bills. Only takes a few minutes since we don't have a house. That is another benefit of the RV fulltime lifestyle. No house payment, no water, no sewer, no taxes, no electric, etc. Most of our expenses are on our credit card. A quick look over the statement to ensure no unknown charges. Click to pay. Done.
Balance my checking acct on Quicken. Easy peasy since we only have about 5 entries per month. Our pensions, the cc bill, and maybe a couple of other incidentals. Ahhhhh. I love it!
What a nice day after the excitement of this morning. Story further below. There are lots of birds, mourning doves, quail, other small birds flitting around. Also lots of rabbits and jack rabbits. The desert has it's own backyard wildlife. Glad we're here before the weather warms up and the snakes come out.
PETS past:
Had some time on my hands and was sorting digital photo files. 
Sophie too tired to eat
This was a 10 yr old foster English Setter we had. We ended up adopting her. She was older and diabetic, so figured we'd just give her a home for her senior years.
Mom & babies
And yes, I fostered guinea pigs also. It got to the point that we had 4 dogs, 2 of which were foster dogs we adopted. I had pushed my husband as far as I could with the number of dogs in the household. I know HIS limits. I'm not sure I know MY limits. Since I couldn't foster any more dogs, I downsized to fostering ONE guinea pig. Then it was 2 at a time in one cage. then I got a larger cage that could be split, so I could foster 2 pairs for a total of 4 piggies, making sure females and males were kept separate! But oh no! One of the piggies I fostered came to me pregnant! Oh crap! What do I do. Marcie, the head of the rescue said guinea pig babies are easy. They are born looking just like miniature adults. And she was correct. I fostered many piggies and ended up with 2 fosters that were pregnant so went through 2 litters. No big deal. They eat adult food by the second day and no, the parents do not eat their young like mice. have to separate the male piglets by 3 weeks old or they will start mating with Mom. Tsk, Tsk!
If you are thinking of any kind of pet, please check out PETFINDER. You can put in the type of pet you are looking for. There are rescues for almost any kind of pet.  Besides dogs and cats (including pure bred), there are guinea pig rescues as you can see from my past fostering. There are also rat rescues. Rats are a wonderful short term commitment pet. They are affectionate, attentive and VERY RARELY bite as is the problem with gerbils and hamsters. I think a rat is a much better pet than a gerbil or hamster for a young child. I had 2 pet rats. They were wonderful and easy care. The downside is that they only live about 2-3 yrs. I just couldn't go through the heartache, yes, I was heartbroken when they died. I just couldn't go through that every 2 years.
Above is my pet rat, Cagney (you dirty rat). Loved to be held, never bit. Quiet...they don't need a wheel for exercise and to keep you up at night with the squeaking. Really nice pet and companion.

Goodbye sweet Renny. We had quite a scare this morning. Renny, the stray dog we took in, has been spending a few days with the Mom of a potential adopter. Renny adjusted very well to their husky?, Mia and their two cats. So yea! It's a go! Renny will be adopted by Christine and her family in Casper, WY!!! Lianne and Dick who I met here at Hidden Valley Ranch will be driving Renny to their daughter, Christine in WY. Lianne & Dick have been permanently living here at Hidden Valley Ranch for 10 yrs.
Renny's new Grandmom
So this morning, Lianne & Dick had been preparing their RV for the trip to Casper, WY. In & out of the house to put things in the RV, in and out, in and out. Where's Renny????? I get a knock on our door and Lianne is there very upset and let's me know Renny is loose somewhere. He probably was chasing rabbits. Renny is only 12 lbs. The jack rabbits are bigger than him! Oh crap. Lianne heads in one direction with her dog Mia, I grab my two dogs and start calling and whistling. Dick is riding around slowly in his ATV.
So what does this mean with the adoption? Are they still going to leave without him? The purpose of going was to take Renny. Oh crap.
10 minutes later, Dick drives up and looks quite sheepish. We found Renny!
Wow, great, where? \
In the house. He never left. He was cozied up under the covers or in a closet or behind some furniture. He's so little, who knows.
All is well and he is on his way to Wyoming! If feels so good to know I took a heartworm positive, un neutered and a stray in and got him adopted. He would have most likely died without HW treatment. Yes, I'll give myself a pat on my back.
Have happy life little one.
Mar 14 - 27, 2013 Desert Trails RV Park - Tucson AZ 85735

Mar. 28 - Apr. 10, 2013 Dead Horse Ranch State Park - Cottonwood, AZ 

Apr. 11 - Apr. 17, 2013 Trailer Village - (Part of Grand Canyon Park), AZ


  1. You deserve a pat on the back from yourself but please allow me to do so also. There are no words to describe people like you, good job! We have adopted and found homes for many animals too, but we mostly ended up keeping them. We have had up to 7 dogs at once, that is the most.
    My husband worked for the Post Office for 28 1/2 yrs, and was offered an early out. He retired as a Postmaster. I invite you to check out my blog, and read about our animal adventures at
    Take care, and good luck Renny

  2. I'm so happy to hear Renny got a home. Lucky dog.

  3. Well done on taking Renny full-cycle.

  4. Renny - what a sweetie pie! Nice collar!


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