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May 8 - 19, 2013 (12 days) - Azalea Glen RV Park - Trinidad, CA
No, not THAT kind of foxtail.
Last year while in Idaho, we were educated first hand about cheatgrass. We posted about Devin's ordeal.
Now we are in foxtail (similar to cheat grass) country. Our last RV site was loaded with foxtail along the fence line. From what I've read, luckily we were early in the season, so the foxtails were not dried yet, which is when they cause a real problem.
Foxtails are a barbed seed that if caught on a dog, can work it's way in, but can't come out (like a fish hook). It will abscess and even work it's way into the dog's organs and really do major damage. When in foxtail country, check your dogs body (especially paws) daily. 
We are almost at the exact opposite location of our former home in NJ. We lived on the east coast, 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, in Neptune, NJ which had a latitude of 40.20. We are currently on the west coast, 1/2 mile from the Pacific Ocean in Trinidad, CA with a latitude of 41.15. I just think that's a cool observation.

I guess it's time to purge some clothes...AGAIN.

I tend to wear the same thing over and over, but it's still nice to have some nicer clothes than just t-shirts for when we go out to dinner.
I was thinking maybe I should convert to all plastic drawers and fold my shirts, but Scott thinks he can fix the clothes rack. It's so much easier to see the clothes you have when they are hanging up rather than piled in drawers.

We are slowing down to a nicer pace again. Instead of overnights and 5-7 days stops, we are back to 10 days  - 2 weeks stops. That's great as long as the park is nice. Azalea Garden Park is lovely and I'm really enjoying our time here.
Staying in one place longer than a week, gives us the luxury of not having to plan things everyday in order to squeeze in the sights of the area in a little time. We are not go, go, go people. We do maybe one or two things a day, such as go for a hike & then food shopping. Or cleaning/maintenance the RV & then out to dinner. Staying longer than a week gives us down time.
I really like down time. I'm never bored. This week with my down time, I've been cleaning up computer files for the data I keep for A&B English Setter Rescue and also been adding places to my Google Earth from my RV spreadsheet.
It is so much easier to find places to eat, RV parks and sights when on Google Earth, than trying to figure out where they are on a spreadsheet. For example, I want to tour the Tillamook cheese factory in Oregon. But WHERE in Oregon is it? I'm from NJ in which you could reach anywhere in the state within 3.5 hours or less. Is Tillamook North near Washington? or East near Idaho, etc. A spreadsheet doesn't give that info, unless I put it there. But I add Tillamook Cheese Factory to Google Earth and voila! There it is going North along the shoreline! We could stop there!
The other nice thing about Google Earth is the street view. You can zoom in on the area you want to visit and sometimes get a feel for the RV park. Is it a parking lot or tree covered? Are they right next to each other or nicely spaced, etc.
The Wedding Date, 2005, Romantic Comedy
Debra Messing, Durmont Mulroney, Amy Adams
My rating 4.5 out of 5
Another girly movie. Woman is a bridesmaid for her step-sister's wedding. Her ex-fiance is best man. She hires a male escort (he's really a male prostitute) to attend wedding with her.
We noticed while staying in the desert areas, our fingernails were always dirty. I thought it was just me and that maybe my face was always dirty from the dust and when I scratched, my nails became dirty. Not so, now that we are in greener areas, our fingernails are now staying clean!
I am definitely, yes definitely enjoying this area. I love the rainforest feel with all the green and the mist. It is very calming to me.
This is my element. Ahhhhh. This is the kind of area I want to (if we) settle down at. Some people find the overcast and fog depressing, I find it cozy and den like. The environment is closing in around me and giving me a hug.
Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect on Scott. He doesn't think he could take day after day of this. He just wants to take a nap.
I told him to just step outside and once outside, you'll feel the wonderful moderate temperature which is great for hiking, or having a fire, or just sitting outside "having a cocktail" as Suzi of Beluga's Excellent Adventures often mentions.
Scott and I are usually very compatible. Early in our marriage it was a little rough. I was more social and Scott didn't want to join in. I either dragged him to social events or just went by myself, which was much easier.
After almost 19 years of marriage, I gave in and now am almost as "unsociable" as he is. But not quite. I am definitely enjoying meeting fellow bloggers.
Hello Brad & Suzanne of RVing & Travels, who we met in  Santa Fe, NM in April 2012. These were the first bloggers we met and I was "star struck"! I felt like I was meeting celebrities! I have since calmed down.
Hello David & Linda of Flip Flop Vector & Zen of Sweeping, who we met in Declo, ID in May 2012.
Hello Jim & Chris of Geeks on Tour who we met in Benardston MA in Aug 2012
Hello Sharon & Marion of Two Girls on the Road  who we met in Rutherfordton, NC in Aug 2012.
Hello Susan of Travel Bug, who we met in San Antonio, TX in Feb 2013
Hello Mona Liza of Lowe's RV Adventures, who we met in San Antonio, TX in Feb 2013
Hello Howard & Linda of RV-Dreams,who we met in Deming, NM in Mar 2013
Hello Kevin of Dare U 2 Move, who I met in Cottonwood, AZ in Apr 2013
Hello David & Suzi of Beluga's Excellent Adventure, who we met also in Cottonwood, AZ in Apr 2013
Hello Evan & Debbie of Travels with Evan & Debbie, who we met in Winslow, AZ in Apr 2013
Any English teachers out there? Should I be writing whom we met? Oh, I don't care, it's my blog and I can write how I please.
Back to Scott's social phobia...Scott dreads when I tell him blogger so and so is here at the same park as we are. I have given up making plans for us.  I make plans for ME to meet the bloggers and let Scott know where I'll be if he chooses to stop by. He usually stops by. I'm getting side tracked.
I was talking about this area and the fog, etc. Scott & I are pretty agreeable with each other except for the above socializing and now I find out, the area to live which is a biggy! He doesn't think he could handle day after day of mist and rain. I love it. I'm sure we'll find a happy compromise. That is what marriage is about. Constantly compromising and negotiating to keep us both happy.
Why is it, that even though we wear a watch or have a time visible on the computer, we still twist our neck to see the wall clock? Why do I bring this up? Our wall clock finally fell off the wall during travel. Scott is waiting to get to a hardware store to buy the right mounting hardware, so for now, our clock is not in the spot we are used to.
I find myself twisting to look at the now blank wall for the time. I could just slap myself each time, because yes, I'm wearing a watch and only have to look down to my left at my wrist, and yes, I'm on the computer and only have to look down to my right to see the time on the screen.
I finished a 2nd frying pan protector while traveling. For non craft people, this may look like my first frying pan protector, but it is not. The first was knit, this is crocheted.

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