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Wet dogs, wet people

Aug. 12-18, 2013 Coeur d'Alene RV Park, Post Falls, ID
Ahhhh, blogging is good for the soul. I feel so much better after my rant about the RV park. Finding and editing images to post distracted me from what I was so angry about.
I am now on my 2nd glass of wine. One glass is usually sufficient to relax me. But today is a 2 glass day after finding out about the extra charge for our dogs.
I was so looking forward to visiting this area. Years ago we saw a real estate ad for a lovely piece of property reasonably priced. So our goal has always been to check out this area.
I think next time we are in this area, we will  stay near another lake that is less popular to get a better feel for the country life of Northern Idaho.
We did pick up a couple of free real estate mags. Droooool! There are still parcels of land with nice acreage and even a house on it. We are more interested in the land and area first. The house comes second. We are simple folks and don't need a 2500+ square foot house. But I would like a garage or barn for turn into a kennel to temporarily foster hard to place English Setters. We'd also like some kind of water element, whether it be lake, pond, river, or stream. I prefer being surrounded by pine trees, but open enough to hike through. We will have a good portion fenced for our dogs. Just thinking out loud. We're not ready to settle yet.  There's still too much to see.
Coeur d'Alene Lake - Coeur d'alene, ID
Our rating 5 out of 5
What a lovely lake with so much to do.
Hovercraft Rides
Cruise Lake Coeur d'Alene on a double deck pontoon type boat.
Kayak on the lake
Fishing on the lake
Parasail over the lake
Hike along the lake which is what we did. We hiked Tubbs Hill, which is about a 2.5 mile loop.
One half is along the water and the other is inland through the woods.

Mudgie the Moose
Millie the mouse on antler

This trail is also called The Mudgie & Millie Trail. They have a sign letting us know of the adventure of Mudgie Moose looking for Millie Mouse along this trail. What a great way to get kids excited about hiking.

We were surprised that the path was so rustic. We were expecting blacktop, but it is packed dirt with roots and rocks making for an uneven walkway. We even came upon a swinging bridge!
My brave husband and not so brave Devin (see him creeping along?) walked the bridge first. Scott strongly suggested I take the alternate path around on solid ground. The bridge really wiggled and Scott had to keep Devin close for fear of him taking the lesser of two evils and jumping off! There were also gaps between the wooden planks that a dog's paw could easily get caught in. I took Scott's advice and walked around.
It was a beautiful walk with many areas to stop and take a dip in the lake.

The day we hiked was cooler, "only" 86° instead of in the 90's. Fat Debbie refused to wear shorts, so was hiking in jeans and a black t-shirt.
The water was beautiful and so inviting!
We found a spot that was actually like a mini beach. We were quite overheated by this time, so the water called. First the dogs went in, then Scott went in, then Debbie went in.  Devin wants to keep his feet on solid ground while in the water, Scott & Debbie waded. Then Scott went deeper into the water hoping to teach Devin that it's ok to not touch ground and actually swim. Slowly and repeatedly, Scott would throw a stick just far enough that Devin would have to swim to get it. Our baby swam! Scott got is shorts drenched.
And yes, I decided to not care what others thought and I slowly waded deeper and deeper until was over waist deep in the water, in my jeans. But oh, the water felt so good. And the lake bottom was covered in smooth small pebbles, so it was like a massage on our feet. Heaven on Earth!

After a few romps through the water, Lyla was happy to just observe.

This was our swimming spot. Nice, huh?
We were at almost the 1/2 way point of the loop. So the walk back was very comfortable with my wet jeans to keep me cool.

Scott found three geocaches along this loop. The final one he had a little difficulty with. Is it above or below? Dang, it's below. Here's Scott helping Devin down the little "cliff" to get to the geocache.

This is a great vacation spot. They have a high rise hotel or a beautiful wood Adirondack type hotel both lakeside with beach and marina access.

They are currently upgrading McEuen Park near the entrance to Tubbs Hill. There will be a splash pool, playground and dog park!
Hike around Coeur d'Alene
North Idaho Centennial Trail
We attended the Mutt Strut in Liberty Lake, WA. This brought back many memories of when I would set up for events on the weekends for A&B Eng. Setter Rescue.
We arrived around 10:30 and the "strut" was already over. The signs for the walk were taken down already. We were able to still see a couple of vendors/rescues. Angie, an A&B foster mom introduced me around. Networking is very important in rescue. How can a rescue based in NJ have a foster home in WA. And how can a foster home in WA, transport their foster dog to the adoptive family in TX? Through wonderful volunteers that have connected through networking.
The Mutt Strutt was put on by Pawpular Companions Pet Supplies. This is a great pet supply store in Liberty Lake, WA. Great food, lots of interesting treats, plenty of leashes and yes, even froufrou attire for the itty bitty dogs. The Strut (walk) was to benefit Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary. "Like" them on facebook!
Alsin-Finch - Spokane Valley, WA
"For the animals in your life"
Our rating 4 out of 5
Sort of like a PetSmart but with better quality food. They carried Taste of the Wild dog food, which is what we feed our dogs. PetSmart does not carry this.
I want him!!!
I gave Devin & Lyla a bath the other day. They both are not happy at all about bath time, but afterward, they love getting rubbed down with the towel. Then we need to make sure they don't roll in the dirt. So here is the alternative.

Wish I could edit to add what she's thinking, like this video below.

Actually, I picture Devin more hurt by how mean I could be , by thinking "I thought we were bonding since we now cuddle at night. How can you be so mean to dump that water all over me and humiliate me in public?"
Aug. 19-28, 2013 Jim & Mary's RV Park, Missoula, MT
Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2013 Jennifer's Driveway Boondock, Bozeman, MT
Sept. 2-5, 2013 Mammoth Campground, Yellowstone, WY (Tentative)
Sept. 6-15, 2013 Horseshoe Bend Campground NFS, Lovell, WY (Tentative)
Sept. 16-30, 2013 Wheels West RV Park, Custer, SD

south for the Winter of 2013/214

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