Sunday, August 18, 2013

COEUR D'ALENE RV PARK - Post Falls, ID: RV Park Review

Aug. 12-18, 2013 (1 week)
Coeur d'Alene RV Park, Post Falls, ID
Site#105   Price $37./night
Our rating 1 out of 5
I will not waste my time giving details other than why they received a miserable rating.
They got 1 point for FHU.
This park may allow pets but
nor is this park pet friendly.
The rate on their website states $200.00. Wow! Good deal considering their daily rate this time of year is $41.00.
We were charged $261. something.
I've been making the reservations, but Scott is the one who checks in. So he doesn't know what we should be charged, unless I let him know.  I usually just tell him to make sure to get whatever discount we are entitled to.
I looked at the receipt later in the week to figure out our daily rate for my review and WHAT??????? I go to the office and ask why we were not charged the $200. for the week.
"Are there more than 2 people?"
"Do you have pets?"
"How many?"
"The extra charge is for per dog."
NOWHERE on the website does it state any extra charges for pets. It does state rate is for 2 people, but doesn't state what the charge is for extra people either. My point is again,
NOWHERE on the website 
does it state any extra charges for pets. 
Exact photo of CDL webpage
Maybe, just maybe I could understand charging extra for dogs, since they may stain the grass or the cost of providing poopy bags, or the amenity of a dog park. But, I cannot accept a charge for dogs at Coeur d'Alene RV Resort.
What do we get for paying extra for dogs? Nothing and even restrictions!
1. Only do business in 3 designated areas.
2. No poopy bags supplied.
3. $50. fine if you don't pick up.
I always carry poopy bags and always pick up. Technically I already paid an extra $50.!!!!!!
We will not be back. Let me repeat one more time, just in case you do not understand.

This all is linked to my unlucky #105.
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