Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alternative to Zoloft

Wed. 10/23 - Tue. 10/29/13 (1 week) 
Goulding's Campground, Monument Valley, UT
"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."
-Ben Williams
Goosenecks State Park, San Juan, UT
We first heard about Goosenecks from Wheeling It. They posted about boondocking here. We decided to check it out. We have yet to boondock on public lands. I personally would not feel comfortable camping here. It has beautiful views, but we are on a 300' neck/peninsula of land that is surrounded by 1000' cliffs. I would not feel comfortable tying Devin outside in the morning. Although he has yet to get loose from the tie out, I would not want it to happen here. Devin is so goofy, he'd probably run and not realize the cliff is there and dog overboard! Plus it can be VERY windy. I don't think I could handle the RV shaking only 20' from the cliff! But, if you do not have those concerns, this is a beautiful boondock site. 360° views.
Some areas have picnic tables and rock fire rings.
I don't want Devin re-enacting Thelma & Louise off this cliff.
**Update: I wrote the Thelma & Louise comment BEFORE I found out that Goosenecks State Park IS where they filmed the cliff scene! How cool!!!!!
Your view if you get close enough to the edge.
Fascinating how the San Juan river had etched it's path.
Mexican Hat, UT
Not much to say about this. You can see the rock formation the town is named after, from the road. But there was a geocache here, so Scott just had to find it.
Gives you an idea of the massive size.

Looks like a Mexican Hat? I think so.

The top rock is 60 feet round
Who needs to go to the Painted Desert when you can see it right here!
Reservation Dog Saga continues...
A blog follower commented, "I hope some little Indian (excuse me....Native American) kid isn't wondering where his dog went! 
Seriously, she'll have a wonderful home with you, but it won't be an easy transition for her and/or you!   This will surely cure your blues...you won't have time to cry in your beer!    I hope she will become a playmate for sweet Devin. I look forward to further installments!"

Well, this surely is taking my mind off of me, Me, ME! This is probably what I needed (or pine trees). I can now understand empty nest syndrome. I need a job to do. GG aka Dineh will keep me busy.
Scott also mentioned she may sort of be someone's dog. Too bad! I have no tolerance for an unaltered dog that is loose. If she had tags, didn't have nipples drooping to her knees (meaning she's had puppies), and didn't so willingly spend the night under our RV and all day, maybe I'd let her stay. The convincing factor for Scott (besides Dineh's sweet personality), was that we are saving many other dogs from being born into homelessness, by taking this one dog in and spaying her.
Dineh spent the night inside and I spent the night in an easy chair. An uneventful night for both of us, thank goodness. I woke up on my own at 8 a.m. Dineh was still sleeping on the dog bed, no accidents in the RV. I am lucky that I can sleep pretty much anywhere. I think I learned that from 10 years on the midnight shift. I could take a 15 minute power nap sitting right where I worked, so as not to waste time going to the lunch room.
I took our dogs for a morning walk and Dineh dashed outside. We'll have to work on that. She kept her eye on us during the whole walk, keeping no more that a 75 foot distance between us. With a little coaxing, she came back into the RV and had breakfast. For now, she shows no food aggression, but that could be she is still unsure of herself. We'll have to watch for signs of possessiveness in not only food, toys, but us also. She does butt in when we are giving our own dogs too much attention...in her opinion.
She play bowed to Devin this morning, but Devin is such a goof, he doesn't know gentle and scared her.
So, what's up with the name Dineh? GG (Goldie Girl) is so much easier, but uninteresting. Scott is usually non creative when it comes to naming pets. So I was very surprised when I gave him the two options of names for our "res" girl. Scott's eyes lit up and he said he was thinking Dineh also. So Dineh it is.
Dineh is pronounced like din-EH, or rhymes with Renee. It is really spelled without the "H", but I thought she would end up being called Dine, like eating. Diné is the correct spelling. Never heard of that name? It means "of the people". Navajo means "of the fields". The Navajo nation is trying to have their name changed to Diné instead of Navajo. The name Navajo was given to them by the white people, as to Dineh is an Indian..oops Native American name. All this political correctness, ugh! Remember this, if we have to be politically correct, then I am a middle aged, full figured, Caucasian European-American woman. Oh hell, tell it like it is...I'm an old, frumpy and fat, ghost white, Jersey, trailer trash chick. Back on subject again. Here's a link about the Diné. It's written from his personal experience. Interesting and fun read. And for my Dad, you may find the above website interesting. He is a born-again Christian and talks about his faith here.
We have a collar on Dineh today. She is not happy. She's not fighting it, but her tail is once again down between her legs and she quivers once in a while. Baby steps. Just let her wear the collar inside around us and get lots of love and food.
So Divine Dineh has renewed my soul and also given me something to post about. Thank you GG, oops Dineh.

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