Monday, October 28, 2013

Hook, Line and Sinker.

Wed. 10/23 - Tue. 10/29/13 (1 week) 
Goulding's Campground, Monument Valley, UT
Let the photos speak.

On our 25 mile drive back from sight seeing, I finally said, "So, are we going to find a home for the reservation dog?". Scott's answer, "I was thinking about asking you the same thing."
Wow! I did not expect that answer! When we arrived home, GG was waiting for us.
Now for the next steps.
Collar & Leash
Test how she rides in the truck
See how she reacts inside the RV
Will our dogs leave her be?

She is afraid of the sound of our diesel engine, so after turning off the engine, I got in the back seat and invited her in. After a couple of mediocre attempts, she did jump up into the back seat and seemed very comfortable. Good so far.
Put some food out for her and while she is distracted eating, I'll slip a collar & leash on her. So far so good. UH OH! As soon as she realized there was something around her neck she FREAKED! And tried to run way and SCREAMED when she couldn't get away. We had a safety collar on her, so it did eventually pull apart and free her. She ran a couple of sites down. I was able to coax her back. Again she is eating and I put a slip lead on her and she immediately FREAKS and twists like a trapped gator. I let her go and she runs off with the lead on her. Now I'm worried, because if she's running around with that slip lead on, she could easily get caught on something and strangle. I find her across the park and she is afraid to come to me. After much coaxing, this sweet girl creeps over to me. I take the slip lead off and she immediately starts acting like a puppy! Prancing around and trying to play with me. Well, this will be quite a hurdle to get over. Unfortunately, she wouldn't follow me back to the RV. It is super windy and nasty out. The dust is blowing all over and getting in our eyes and up our noses, etc. Scott goes out with Lyla to try to find our "res girl". Now I know he's hooked.  When he returns, GG is with him. He sits outside on the ground in this nasty weather and pets her for about 20 minutes to gain her trust again. Now he comes into the RV and calls her in. She slowly comes inside. We keep the door open so she doesn't feel trapped. Scott sits on the floor by the door and pets her, then lets her go outside. Calls her back in, and lets her out again. This goes on for about an hour. She finally ventures further into the RV. Scott closes the door and so far so good.
She is now sleeping on a dog bed, Devin has already learned to leave her be. I will be sleeping in the living room in my easy chair to keep her company and make sure she doesn't get into trouble. I'm sure she is not house trained, so I'm glad we took out the carpet for vinyl/fiberglass flooring. Easy clean up.
Now if you're not convinced Scott is committed, he said that we should extend our stay here until she gets used to being a house dog and can deal with the collar and leash.
Yep, Scott is caught...hook, line, and sinker.


  1. Go Scott, patience and love will hopefully help her overcome her fears.

  2. Now that's a heartwarming story. Good for both of you.

  3. So happy for you all. I hope she works out. This also sounds like it will be good for you. Something positive to do to conteract that little depression I have seen creeping on the edges.

  4. Replies
    1. Looking for a dog calmer than your Pyr? This one is about 45#'s, 1 yr old, and so far sweet and calm.


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