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Fri. Oct 11 - Sun. Oct. 20 Tues. Oct. 22, 2013 (10 days) Moab Rim RV Campark - Moab, UT
When you procrastinate, you become a slave to yesterday. – 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
It was nice to get comments from women that were very understanding of my moods and medication. One person mentioned her husband suffered from S.A.D. which is Seasonal Affective Disorder. This usually occurs in the Winter and treatment is light therapy. I suffer from that also. I never realized it until a co-worker who's known me for years pointed it out to me.
Well, I think I also suffer from something I named, D.A.D. which is Desert Affective Disorder. I don't like the desert and find beauty in it for only seconds at a time. I have no desire to sit outside amid the red dirt. I do not enjoy walking the dogs and having to watch for so many plants that want to poke into their paws and wrap around and knot their fur. I want coziness, meaning trees wrapped around our site. Sigh. 
We were planning on spending a month this Winter in Deming, NM, but not sure I can handle it.

I've been researching (again) the tax rates, etc. of retirement friendly States. The list is narrowing down. Not in order of preference, just alphabetical.

Good: No income tax on pensions
Good: Median house price $165,000.
Bad: High property tax (still lower than NJ)

South Dakota:
Good: No income tax on pensions
Good: Median house price $127,000.
Bad: High property tax, but houses are so cheap it won't be bad.

Good: No income tax on pensions
Good: Median house price $138,000.
Good: Low property tax

Good: No income tax on pensions
Bad: Median house price $288,000.
Good: Low property tax

Good: No income tax on pensions
Good: Median house price $184,000.
Good: Low property tax
Bad: Hard winters?
I've actually been coming out of this blah mood. Yesterday, I was all ready to take the dogs for a long morning walk. It was cool out, but the sun was shining. I had my Ipod ready with an audio book queued. I also brought a paperback, so when we reached a higher elevation, I was going to find a nice boulder to sit and read for a while. But, best laid plans...
I was walking in the RV park heading towards the trails. The dogs were happy, I was happy and then ahead, I see a large dog eyeing Devin. OK, let's just be aware. We continue walking and the large dog comes closer, creeping with that stare. He is not on a leash. The large dog looks back towards his RV. I think he was waiting to be told to stay. But the idiot teenager is sitting on the picnic table lost in space. The dog creeps even closer never taking his eyes off Devin.  I decide it's time to stop. I shout to the idiot teenager, "Is your dog, dog friendly?". The idiot teenager looks up and then Dad jumps in to call the dog back, but he charges and I try to run backwards, but Lyla is behind me and I fall over her. Luckily, the large dog listened to his owner and returned to the site. Nothing but Lyla to break my fall. I fall on my bubble butt, Lyla yelps, I snap my neck back and I hit my head on the gravel road. Reminded me of a hockey player hitting the ice and getting a concussion. A camper on the other side runs over to help me up, gather up my Ipod and make sure I'm OK. When I fell, I let go of Devin's leash. Devin was so scared, he just stayed by my side instead of taking off. Good boy! The owner of the unfriendly dog, never came by to help and never apologized. So I guess the idiot teenager is like that because he has an idiot for a Father.
So the Pet Peeve is dog owners that let their dog be off leash when they are not good around other dogs or people. The dog was fairly well behaved, in that he did stay in his RV site until he saw us. The dog did look back for guidance. But he shouldn't be loose if he's going to attack!!!!
I never said anything to them because I was so upset. Instead of a nice long walk, I just walked until the dogs did what was needed while I was sobbing the whole time. I can't believe these people never apologized. So much for me feeling better. I got so depressed about the incident, I just wanted to go home and hide in bed. Scott wouldn't let me take a nap in case I did have a concussion. A day later and I'm fine and so is Lyla. I'm over it now. Just angry instead of depressed.
Arches National Park, Moab, UT
$5./per person, walk in $10./per car Both good for 7 days.
Our price $0./zero/nada because we have the All Access Annual Nat'l Park pass.
Dogs NOT ALLOWED on trails.

Penis rock on left
I've held it in as long as I could. I swore to Scott that I wouldn't post our private joke, but I have little willpower. Ever since we drove through Needles Highway in Custer State Park, I've named a particular shaped rock as "penis rocks" and there were many along Needles Highway. Now you'll never be able to look at those tall thin rock formations without thinking, hey, they do look like you know what.

Canyonlands National Park, Moab, UT
$5./per person, walk in $10./per car Both good for 7 days.
Our price $0./zero/nada because we have the All Access Annual Nat'l Park pass.
Dogs NOT ALLOWED on trails.
Scott visited Canyonlands National Park the other day. I opted to stay home and bake cookies and nest. If I stay in the RV, it doesn't matter where we are, I'm home.
Scott had a great time and was gone all day. I'm very glad I didn't go.
Only one photo, although Scott probably took over 50 photos. But hey, this is my blog and this just does not interest me. I've seen enough of this landscape. I'll link to his facebook page when he posts about it.
While just cruising the net, I came across the phrase "Life Hacks". Well, that opened up a whole new world for me. Life Hacks are really just ways to make life easier.
Kitchen Life Hack:


  1. Different people need different things, and thank goodness we are not all alike.

    I like to see and visit the desert, but I would not want to live there. I like to take an occasional walk along the beach, but have no desire to stay for a long time.

    My son in law was raised in New Zealand, and hates being away from the sea. They live two blocks from the ocean in San Diego.

    Give me a nice forest walk, on a mild day and I'm happy.

    I live there now, so why do I want to travel? i
    I must be crazy!

    1. I too want the forest walk on a cool day, or for me, better yet fresh snowfall.
      In NJ, we lived 3 miles from the Atlantic. I am not drawn to the Ocean, but give me a babbling brook running through the forest and I'm heaven.

  2. You hatin' on Texas girl? Or did Property Tax nix us--we pay $200 mo. on a $114K house in the Hill Country. As to Wyoming, not only harsh winters, but most of the state, at least eastern, is high wind prone.

    1. Sorry David, yes, I'm hatin' TX. No desire to live there even though it is one of the good retirement States.

  3. LOL, love your naming of the rock formations!! Can't stand irresponsible dog owners, they seem to be the cause of most dogs problems. One day you'll find the right combination of your wants, you'll know it when you find it.

  4. As I was scrolling through your pics I was thinking, "I wonder if...(*scroll, scroll...*) YES! I'm not the only one who thought it looked like Mr. Johnson!" And after several months in the southwest, this was probably the fifteenth penis rock in my "collection."

    1. "Mr. Johnson" is a much nicer name. We first noticed this in Custer on Needles Hwy. Glad others think the same. Thanks. Give Patches (& Chino) a hug for me.


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