Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thank goodness for Zoloft or Debbie Downer

Fri. Oct 11 - Sun. Oct. 20, 2013 (10 days) Moab Rim RV Campark - Moab, UT
"The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they are okay, then it's you."
Rita Mae Brown

**WARNING: If you suffer from motion sickness, beware, this blog post is all over the place with up and down emotions.

Even though I wouldn't want to live here in Moab, UT, it sure is a wonderful life to be able to travel to these places. My enthusiasm for full time RV living has been renewed somewhat. (Up)
Feel free to skip this section & jump down to "Sights", my feelings won't be hurt. I just haven't felt like blogging. I can't think of writing anything halfway funny or sarcastic to blend into our sightseeing posts. How boring a blog can be when it just states, we went here with a photo, then we went there with a photo, blah, blah, blah. (Down)
So, I'll just open up my for all to view where my mind has gone lately. As my family doctor put it..."malaise". From vocabulary.com, "If you are experiencing malaise, chances are you are feeling blue or looking green. Malaise is a slump; you're not feeling your best — either mentally or physically.
Mal is French for "bad," and aise means "ease." When experiencing malaise, ease yourself down on the couch to recover." 

I think I'll take that advice and just be a couch potato today. I don't even feel like walking the dogs, but I have to.(Down)
This problem started when I was at "that age" when a woman is older and her hormones get all whacked up. I was still working at the time and couldn't do my job. I felt such worthlessness, hopeless and a feeling of what's the point? My family doctor prescribed Zoloft.
Zoloft? What is it?
No, it's not...
...the fortune teller, Zultan
No, it's not...
...the great model Zoolander
                                and it's not...
Zoltan, Imperial Commander of the Space Nerds" in Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)
Nor is it this...

Just Google Zoloft if you're interested. It took a while to work, but it has and I've been on it for at least 6 years. I have tried to wean off it, but then this blue feeling starts again. I HATE being dependent on Zoloft. Overall, my only side effect besides feeling better emotionally, may be some weight gain, but the weight gain is mostly because I stopped dieting at age 50. I've always had to be careful of what I ate. I am not naturally thin and worked very hard with diet and exercise to maintain a size 5/6, 118# weight for years. I'm now 50#'s heavier because I no longer diet and exercise. Tsk, tsk. (Down)
So this period in time is one of those times I've tried to wean myself off Zoloft. OBVIOUSLY, it's not working. So give me a week or two and hopefully I'll be back to my "new normal". (Up)
So, here we are in Moab, UT. Like I said before, I'm glad to experience it, but would not want to live here. I am definitely a nester, in that I like to be wrapped in trees and green.
I see the expanse of bareness and the hard rockscapes as frightening and long to be amid the snow covered and tree covered mountains in the distance.
We hiked the Pipeline trail behind our RV park. 

View on the trail
Looking towards our RV park

Walk under balancing rock or around?
This is where Scott's and my difference of opinions starts. Scott walked under and I walked around.
Scott finds the views beautiful, I find them scary

Where's Scott? He's bottom almost center in a white shirt by a larger rock. See him?
Scott enjoys looking, searching, and hopefully finding geocaches. I go along for the exercise.

LaSal Mountain Loop Road Moab, UT:
Dogs allowed
Our rating 4 out of 5

Color changes and LaSal Mtns. in background
We took drive on the LaSal Mtn. Loop Road up into the LaSal Mountains. This ride took about 3 hours. Between Scott stopping for geocaches and our ride being held up by cows...
I was so excited when we hit the snow line! We both agree this is beautiful.

At the end of our ride heading back into the town of Moab, we passed Big Bend, which is a spot where the Colorado River makes a right turn.
BLM Big Bend Campground on River
We made a stop at BLM Big Bend Campground so the dogs could have some exploring and a dip in the Colorado River.
 Of course with the Government shut down, the campground is closed. We threw caution to the wind and walked right past the barrier. What rebels we are!
Here's where our differences show yet again. Scott thought this area was beautiful. I felt like we were ants in a gravel pit. Here's Wheeling It's review.
And more cows and more big brown scary rockscapes.
Near the end of our loop we passed Castle Rock
We stopped in Castle Creek Winery, near the end of our loop. I bought a bottle of their Merlot for about $15.00, which was the higher priced wine there, so their prices are very reasonable.
Here's some photos of the 14 acre property we were considering purchasing in South Dakota.

If this 5 acre property near town was cheaper, we would have jumped on it.
We say we want privacy, yet it is nice to have neighbors, just not too close. You can see what we are looking for. Partially wooded with pine trees, with open areas that don't require too much maintenance. We'll keep an eye on the property and see if the price drops. If so, we may be heading back to South Dakota. I hope we made the right decision to not buy at this time.
The host of Coffee with a Canine sent me an email and asked if I would be ok with an email interview that would be posted on his blog. This is a simple blog highlighting a different person and their love of coffee and dogs. Perfect! The blogger asks us to take our dog on a coffee date and what that would be. The above link is to my interview. Check it out.
Speaking of dogs...
Happy Anniversary to my Bro and his adopted (my foster) Eskie, Poppy. Hard to believe it's been 6 years. I guess Poppy is considered a senior citizen now.
I think I'll spend some quality time with my Setters and cuddle in bed for a while.

WHERE WE'RE GOING??? We don't know! Any suggestions?


  1. Hopefully you can soon be "up" without Zoloft. We have been to Moab and really appreciated seeing the area again through your wonderful photos.

  2. Great interview, we know longer have furkids but Dave always has dog biscuits in his pocket when he walks thru the campground, we are staying with two couples who have goldens so we've been getting our dog fix the last few days. Taken the same drive and hope to get back to Moab one day with the rv. No meds yet but Dave knows when it's one of those days :)

    1. Nice to "meet" you Faye. I don't think I've seen your blog "The Wandering Camels". I'll have to check it out. I totally understand getting a "dog fix".

  3. Gorgeous photos...and property...we drove out in the country this past week and we miss our previous 2.5 acre spread...something about serenity in the country...hope you get your mojo back soon...

    1. Thanks. Feeling better until an incident while walking my dogs. Oh the suspense of another rant/pet peeve in a post soon.


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