Monday, October 28, 2013

Together but Separate (Stolen Title)

I am a thief! I don't have much to post about, so decided to "steal" from Sue's blog post Beluga's Excellent Adventure, "After dinner we'll enjoy our evening together, in separate rooms....The NHRA Drag Races from Las Vegas, the second last race of the season, will be on in the living room and the PBS series "The Paradise" will be showing in the bedroom.    I wonder which program  dogs will choose to watch?    My guess is that they will snuggle with me on the bed.....
Its so nice to do exactly as we please and still will be just steps away from each other."

The above post from Sue is exactly how Scott & I feel. This is very important if you plan to full time in an RV. I give Carla from Cozy Be Gone much credit for her bravery? naivety? in full timing with hubby in a Casita! They have only started out and I hope their love of each other's company endures.
I think I would be very unhappy if Scott & I couldn't have out separate spaces. Yes, there's sitting outside, but many times the weather or surrounding are no the nicest for a relaxing time outside. Living in a 5th wheel, we are actually in a bi-level. The bad of that is that klutzy Debbie misses a step and messes up her ankle. But the good far outweighs the bad. We have a sense of separation being on another floor. We can use the bedroom as our oasis to have some alone time from the spouse. Scott can use the living area as his "man cave" for computer gaming, while I'm in the bedroom. Surprisingly, the sounds do not drift between rooms even though the door has an open area where the steps are.
I love my husband very much and enjoy his company (most times). But, we are both loners and need our alone time. I need it, Scott enjoys it.
So for any wannabe full time RV'rs, consider whether you will require your own space when choosing an RV to live in.
I knew I have to do it, but when? Enough time to think it over or persuade before leaving. But not too soon to ruin my day if the answer is not what I want to hear. You know what I'm talking about if you've know me or have been following my Facebook page. So I will have "the talk" with Scott tonight. I am waiting until after our day of sightseeing, but my throat has been so tight and I haven't been eating! Can you believe that? The talk is asking Scott if we can save our little Golden Girl.  I can't accept leaving her here to try to befriend other campers and hope they are kind to her and feed her. GG (Golden Girl) has been hanging around our RV for the past two days, never leaving for more than 10 minutes. She follows both Scott & I on our walks. Scott gave in and petted her yesterday and said she was very sweet. He laid down a dog bed for her and she cuddled on it all night and greeted me with her tail wagging this morning. Her whole demeanor has changed. Instead of walking around timid with her tail down, she is now walking, well trotting proud with her tail up and wagging. She even attempted to play with me yesterday. She has also allowed our dogs to sniff her. Of course goofy Devin, was too much for her. He's bouncing around "Wanna play? Huh? Huh? Come on!"
Stay tuned for the outcome. I fear this will be a battle that GG and I may lose.


  1. Haha...just read to Jer. His comment, when you want your alone time you just go to the wet bath and shut the door! Jury is out...I'll get back to you next spring but so far I think you adapt to your space. Sprinkle yesterday coupled with football and World Series left me to cooking up some concoction, napping, and coloring! Loving Mississippi and my tiny COZY home :) Sure beats that 9-5!

    1. Sure beats 9-5!
      Yes it does. Even though now sometimes I feel very selfish and a non contributor to the world. But I really hated the commitment of at least 8hrs a day, 5 or more days a week. I'll take my guilt over having to work.

  2. We have been traveling in 5th wheels since 2003 and full-timing since 2009. We get alone time by going to bed and getting up at different times. I have alone time in the evening, John has alone time in the morning before I get up. Works for us.

    1. We are different time schedules also. I go to bed early and wake up early. Scott stays up late and sleeps late. I love my quiet morning time.


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