Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Jan. 13 - ?, 2014
Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX

Scott receives the hunter-gatherer award this month. Scott took the 5 mile bicycle ride into town. He picked up a catfish dinner for me, checked on the progress of the truck and caught a bobcat!
Check out the photo below to show some perspective at the size of this cat.
This cat may be as large or larger than Dina!
It's one thing to be told there are coyotes, wild cats, etc. around, but now having seen one, you realize the danger around us.
We think Dina, being a loose dog on the reservation was well aware of what this animal was. She was very cautious until she realized it was dead, then she was more curious.
Goofy Devin just thought it was something to play with..."Oooh, a big cat! Let's play!". You can see me leaning back trying to hold Devin away from the cat. Devin's leash is wrapped around my waist for more strength.
Today, my husband will once again go into the populated area and gather food for us. He bartered for a ride into town. As we were paying for another 2 days here, Scott mentioned he rode into town on his bicycle. The camp host offered to drive him in. She mentioned she was trying to ride her bicycle also, but her brakes didn't work. Scott lubed up her chain and adjusted her brakes. He took a test ride and all are working. What a guy!
Ahhh, you may be wondering why we had to book another 2 days? Because we need a new engine! Oh crap! Money, money, money. I figure we're feeding some families pretty good this week, with what we'll have to dish out. Ugh! Now we hope we can find a refurbished diesel engine within a reasonable amount of time.
From Scott's Facebook page: "Well, looks like we'll be stuck here in Fort Stockton, TX a bit longer. Engine has piston, cylinder and valve damage. So, I guess we'll be ordering a rebuilt engine."  
So with that news, we both had a quiet afternoon, each trying to deal in our own way, with the delay & the financial hit we are experiencing. I listened to a book on tape and knitted. Scott napped and played a computer game. Surprisingly, we are dealing ok with it. Neither one of us are moping around. What good would that do? It is, what it is and we have to accept and continue on.

No what if's...we had stopped sooner, etc. It's a done deal. We get it fixed, hope Fernandez Auto doesn't rip us off and finally escape from Ft. Stockton. This is not a place I'd want to live.
I asked Scott if he still wanted to head to Tennessee, even though the property is not listed. He said a definite yes. I think he may be ready to settle down again. I think I am.
Anyone considering full is a wonderful experience, but it is not as easy as it seems. We are so dependent on our vehicles, Scott is always maintaining, fixing or improving something on the RV. Just like a stick and brick house, there's always something. He still has a "honey do" list, but at least he's retired and is not so pressured to get his list crossed off. I thought the "cavalry" had come to save us last night! Two Cedar Creek RV's pulled in. I was hoping one would stop by to say hello when they saw our Cedar Creek RV Owner's Club sign hanging up. But alas, no one stopped by to offer us support in our time of need.
I must confess, we are not the best groomers of our Setters. This blame is spread out 3 ways.              
Scott's fault: I can't speak for Scott, but he rarely brushes the dogs and NEVER brushes their teeth. He will clip their nails when I beg (nag).
My fault : I am not normally a procrastinator, but with the dogs I am. I'll brush them later...then the day is over. But I am the one that does most of the brushing. Scott will cut out mats. I brush their teeth. I THINK ABOUT their nails and end up nagging Scott or bringing them to a groomer or vet for nail cutting.
Dogs' fault: If only they would enjoy the attention of grooming. If only they wouldn't try to bite the brush. If only they wouldn't wiggle out of the way. If only they wouldn't run to the corner and hide.
When I had a Keeshond, she loved being brushed and I loved doing it. It felt very therapeutic. But my Setters have always hated grooming. It is a very frustrating process, so it gets put off, and then they get mats and look terrible. Lyla is always thought to be doodle because she is so curly.
So Debbie's Mobile Grooming Service arrives (idea taken from Susan).
During (Scott is just holding her in place)
What a mess!

Still needs brushing, but she looks thinner.

I've really been enjoying working on the Mystery Knit-a-Longs. They are great to work on in between my own projects.

I'm currently working on a shawlette, which is a small shawl that can be worn more as a scarf. That is much more practical than making a whole shawl. I just want some home made burst of color and beauty added to my blah normal wardrobe.
The current MKAL is called Follow Your Arrow. The reason for the title is because with each clue/set of instructions, there are two options. You can choose whichever option and your shawlette will take on a whole new direction in design.
My felted project bag is essentially complete. I think I will sew in a lining so items won't get caught in the felt.



  1. Hi there, Lyla looks great, I will send you a pic of brother Spin, I shaved him down totally last weekend! I try to live by all things happen for a reason. Sorry to hear about the truck, want us to come pick you all up?

  2. I do wish we had a friend here. Would love to have drinks together and laugh.

  3. You are maintaining a very good attitude. Proud of you. Full-timing isn't for everyone. Follow your heart now, like you did when you went on the road.

  4. Broken down engine is a bitch! Sorry you've got one.

    Lyla looks lovely with her new 'do. It really brings out her colors and pattern.

  5. That is the biggest bobcat I have ever seen. Good luck with the truck repair.

    1. Having never seen a bobcat before, we weren't sure if this was big, but thought so.


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