Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dust in the wind....

Jan. 13 - ?, 2014
Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX
Not much of a view from our site

Our plans have totally disintegrated.
1. Truck Repair
2. TN property may no longer be available
3. Scott's parents not doing well
We've had to cancel two reservations.
We are still stuck here in Ft. Stockton, TX with no truck. We hope to find out on Monday whether we need a new engine. If so, we'll be here even longer. If not, the truck should be fixed by Tuesday.
We've been paying day to day for our site. We finally paid for 4 more days to get us through this past weekend. The park gave us a 20% discount on those 4 days. That was nice. They also said that there is always someone going into town and we could hitch a ride with someone if we need things. There are quite a few permanent rigs here.
Courtesy of my little bro

Scott fixed his bicycle flat tire today and he plans to ride the 5 miles into town on Monday. I think it's all flat terrain and the temperature has been ideal for bike riding.
Hopefully, he won't get lost or have a bicycle breakdown. He can't call me for a ride because we have no truck!
The property we are so interested in, in TN is now not for sale. It doesn't say that it's been sold though. Maybe they are just going to re list with a new realtor. So we don't even know whether to go to TN now or not? Our foster dog, Dina is supposed to start her way to her adoptive home from TN to NJ, so we have to be there for that, unless we change the starting location for her.
And finally, Scott's father had to go into assisted living. He has Alzheimer's and it has gotten too bad for Scott's Mom to continue to care for him. Scott's Mom is hoping to get into the same facility soon. Scott has been feeling pretty guilty for having a good time traveling the country while his siblings have had to deal with their parents' declining health.
So, we may head to NJ earlier and stay longer (ugh!) to help get their house cleaned out, fixed up for sale. We're thinking of just parking in their driveway. Then we can take care of their pets and start dealing with the house. Gee, it'll be like getting ready to full time all over again!
So the hours I spent trying to plan our journey from NM to FL to NJ to MA to MO in June has been swept away. That's fine. I'm still in a settling down mode.
Do you see what I see?
Hot tub! 
Looks like a good idea to save some shelf space. Just take spring curtain rod and use to hang spray bottles.
Unless something changes, Dina will be getting adopted in February. She is SUCH A GREAT DOG! I hope she'll be happy in her new home. She seems to adjust fairly easily to new situations.
The Gray Man (Court Gentry, #1)The Gray Man by Mark Greaney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Narrator did a very good job.
The Gray Man is ex CIA and now a hired assassin with some morals. He is choosy as to what jobs he takes. The targets must be deserving of the deed.
The Gray Man still has some connections with former CIA members to help him out when absolutely needed.
The story reminds me of the "Die Hard" series or "Rambo". How much can the Gray Man handle? How much can his body be abused? Can he outwit his enemy because he is certainly outnumbered.
The Gray Man is a likable, lonely character. I think us ladies will find him attractive because he comes across as not only a "bad boy" but also has a soft side too.
As I was surfing the net, I came across someone's email that was PNR lover. Hmmm? What could that mean. I searched and found out it was something to do with a type of book, but couldn't find what it actually stood for. Finally found it...PNR: Paranormal Romance, which I guess I could include myself as a PNR lover. I've been enjoying the vampire and witch books with romance between the species added in.


  1. Your ears burning...I was just going to email you and send you this link. bring you some joy...I thought of you's lovely.'s late but will write more in the morning.. sorry for everything crashing around you...

  2. Won't the spray bottles fall off when driving? But the spring rod generates other ideas in my mind.


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