Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stranded and Tortured!

Jan. 13 - ?, 2014
Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX
The bad:
Ugh. The truck was taken away by a bunch of Mexicans that didn't even have a tow truck! Just a hitch. Haven't heard back from them. Should we be worried?
The good:
Good Sam Emergency Svc. lists the Mexican Auto repair as a place to use.
The bad:
We're stuck in Ft. Stockton RV park.
The good:
it's not too bad a place to stay with good WiFi.
The bad:
We are stranded without a vehicle.
The good:
Not much to see in this area anyway.
The bad:
Devin is being tortured by all the feral cats in the park.
The good:
The cats keep Devin on alert, so he doesn't need to run around to release energy.
The truck was picked up on Tuesday. It is now Thursday with no truck back. Maybe the RV Park and Auto repair have a deal and the Auto repair gets a kick back for detaining us here, so more revenue for the park. We are paying day by day, so no weekly discount if we are stuck here that long. 
Just got some bad news. The tip of the fuel injector broke and is somewhere in our engine.  May have to get a new engine! Depends if the piston is bad or the valve. Ugh. Another day at least.
I swear, are we not supposed to buy property? When we were thinking of purchasing property in South Dakota, a freak snowstorm came and made us leave. Now that we are trying to get to Tennessee to look at property, we have this delay!
It's difficult to stay upbeat with a huge truck repair bill, wondering if the truck will be tow worthy after this repair. Scott already wants to trade in for another vehicle.  My thoughts are, it's been repaired, so use it.
Scott is now moping in bed, I've eaten a 1/2 container of Pringles. Sigh. Gotta think about all the good things & just "deal". This is just a set back. 
We bought a Grill Guard for our smoker and grill. This is a aluminum device, blocks wind, which helps keep get the temperature up faster and stay more even. The guard also protects the picnic table.
Well, I've found another use for this.

I use it as a computer sun block! I'm on the computer a lot and hate to be stuck inside on a beautiful, sunny day. But the sun also makes the computer screen impossible to see. I've tried blocking the sun with an umbrella which ok, but the wind easily moves it. I turn the Grill Guard upset down and place the computer under the protection of the Grill Guards and bam! I can see the screen.

Can't go very far since we don't have a vehicle. There is a hiking path/narrow dirt road right next to the campground. It's just a straight path with side "streets", which are also straight. All there is to see is dirt, cactus, and low bushes. But the dogs enjoy the new smells.
Still knitting, especially now with plenty of time on my hands. I'm all set. I have plenty of yarn and wine. What else do I need?
Another Mystery Knit-a-long began on the 13th. A shawlette in two colors.  So far an easy start and love the squishy fingering yarn.

Sorry for the white highlighting. I don't know why that happened and not in the mood to proof read or fix.


  1. Sorry you are stuck there. Hope the repair really works.
    We have a grill guard like that. What a great idea! I'll have to try it.

  2. I now have another idea for our grill guard...genius! Hoping by now your back on the road and I don't need to send bail money...hope things looking up. Gosh you could be in TN by now....

    1. Unfortunately still stuck here, at least until Tues.

  3. I hope the truck gets fixed right, and soon. Good idea for a computer screen. My current laptop has the matte style screen, so I can actually sit outside to use it. I hate those shiny screens.

    nope. I am not a robot. :)

  4. Great use of the grill guard. I'll keep it in my "solutions" file. Someday someone will think I'm real smart!


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