Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great Salt Lake

North Salt Lake, UT 84054
We decided to take a ride to see the GREAT SALT LAKE today. The link has interesting facts about the lake. The lake is not really impressive, except that it is very large.

We waded a little at the shore. The water temperature was very warm! The water is kind of gross looking with brown algae? At least we can say we saw it.

There is a very cool building called SALTAIR. Check the link for the interesting history.

The original Old Saltair building was magnificent! Very popular vacation spot in the late 1890's. Unfortunately it burned in 1925. Repaired and redesigned only to be destroyed by fire in 1931!
The present Saltair is nothing compared to the original, but it is still a cool building. A beautiful staircase inside and I can just imagine the potential for great parties here.

It's really in bad condition now and the outside almost looks like a bad Disney building.

While walking from the Lake to the Saltair building, I saw my first live snake since starting our travels.
His tongue was flicking back & forth.
I am a member of the CAMPGROUND CRAFTERS Yahoo Group. It's an intimate group of crafters that are also full time RV'rs. Sue M. who is currently staying in FL, mentioned cooking egg rolls. I love egg rolls. So I asked her for the recipe.
Tonight I tried them. They turned out delicious, but much too much work to be worth making again.

When we emptied the contents of our home, we did not keep our huge deep fryer. We figured fried foods wasn't good for us anyway. So for the egg rolls, I just put about 1" of peanut oil in a frying pan and pan fried, which would have worked out fine, IF I had used the RV stove instead of our induction stove top. The induction stove top works great for some things, but not for frying egg rolls. The temp goes up & down, so the oil was hot, then warm, which caused the egg rolls to have to cook too long and soak up extra oil. In spite of that, they were delicious. Thanks Sue for the recipe.
Granny Annies Family on Urbanspoon

Our rating 2 out of 5
Arrived for breakfast. Fast service. We ended up having 3 different servers, but all coordinated fine.
Pancakes are delicious and HUGE!
Hash browns for fresh potatoes, not frozen, but bland. Basically tasted like a plain baked potato shredded.
I had a Denver omelet.  Plenty of filling, but all bland.  The veggies seemed as if steamed or nuked instead of sauteed.  The omelet also looked and tasted like it was steamed or cooked in a microwave.  No buttery flavor, no crispy ends, no browning at all. Just a yellow glob with bland veggies inside.
We would not return.
Sunshine Cafe on Urbanspoon
Our rating 3.5 out of 5
Small place so tables are at a premium.  Cute atmosphere, with old time signs on the walls, and cute sayings.  Also have a shelf with magazines to read and games for kids to play.
The saying today was something like, I feel Super Lazy today. That is lazy with a cape! Silly, but made me smile.
I was able to see the cooks behind the counter which was interesting. Not hectic, they seemed to be enjoying themselves and cooking and doing what needs to be done.
We arrived at 10:45am for breakfast.  Perfect time...too late for breakfast crowd and too early for lunch crowd. We had our choice of seating.
Waitress very efficient and business like.
I ordered a 1/2 order of biscuits & gravy with eggs & hash browns. 1/2 order so 1 biscuit and 1 egg, but not half the price. Still plenty to eat and I like the option of smaller portions. Also ordered a single pancake.
Eggs over easy cooked perfectly and delicious.
Hash browns were crispy and good. Nothing special.
Biscuit & gravy was good. Very peppery so there was a bite to it. They add something to the gravy that makes it taste different than just a white sauce.  Very good.
Pancake was plate sized and good. Again, nothing special but good & fluffy.  I like that they served warmed syrup with it.
Overall, nothing outstanding, but all good.
We will return.

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