Monday, May 21, 2012

Pioneer Museum

North Salt Lake, UT 84054
Last week we went to the Pioneer Memorial Museum, run by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. What a great museum!!! The amount of historical pieces & artifacts they have on display is amazing! I thought the time period would have been earlier, more like the 1800's, but it seems many items are from the early 1900's. But still VERY INTERESTING! Baby clothes, adult clothes (people were definitely smaller back then). All kinds of housewares, jewelry, shawls, quilts, medical supplies, etc. Really really interesting. No charge, just a donation that we were not pressured to give.
Not many photos taken because the items were all behind glass and the lights and flash prevented good photos without glare and reflections.

Interesting for crafters:
Knitting Machine!

Sock knitting machine
Sock knitting has become very popular. But most knitters are hand knitting them. But I know there is a unique group that do own or are searching for these antique circular sock knitting machines, that are no longer manufactured. Here's some info on Sock knitting machines.

Weaving Loom


Spinning Wheel

Baby Carriages:


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