Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nib nose

North Salt Lake, 84054
We are just below the main line of sight.
Scott has declared himself very "nibby". I have never heard this term, so I looked it up.
Here's the TWO definitions from the URBAN DICTIONARY:
1. Nibby - Mid-west country-folk slang for nosy or prying. (Gladys Kravitz syndrom from _Bewitched_)
Example: Every time I pull in my girlfriend's driveway, I see that nibby neighbor of hers lookin' out her window.
2. Nibby - A small sexual organ, aka a small penis.
A man would never admit to the 2nd meaning, so I'm sure Scott means he's becoming quite nosy. He did admit to being nibby while looking out the window at the neighbors, and not while were were----oh never mind.

So is the nibbiness  (now to be referred to nosiness so there is no confusion as to the meaning), a result of RV life, retirement, old age or a combo of all three?  Either reason, it is quite funny to see this change in my husband.  I see him quite often looking out the window commenting on neighbors or passerbys. He was just the opposite living in a regular house in NJ. He shut himself in the house with curtains closed, so the neighbors couldn't look at us.

I'm sure glad we have those tinted windows in our RV that during the day, we can see out, but nosy people can't see in!
We loved the book series "The Hunger Games". You can view my review HERE. So now that all the hype of the movie coming out is over, we decided to go to the movies. We rarely go to the movies, except when we feel the huge screen or theater sound would be worth it.
We go into Salt Lake City and let the GPS find the theater. It's right in the middle of town, with only 2 hour parking allowed on the streets.  We circle and circle looking for parking lots.  All we see are the tall covered tiered lots. At the entrance is stated a 7 foot clearance. Hmmm, how high is our pick up truck? We never measured it. Our concern is the RV height. So by the time we decide to try to pass under the 7 foot clearance and park, we realize the movie has already begun.
Although I like the Salt Lake City, surrounding area, the city itself is a small congested city. We are now avoiding it if possible.
We opted to try the smaller theater in Bountiful, UT (Cinemark Bountiful 8),with a showing later that day. Off we go, following our GPS. Where is this blinking theater??? Around and around. This time we find plenty of parking in the area, but no theater. Scott says according to Google Earth, it should be in this shopping plaza. Can't find it! I said, try the back of the plaza. Sure enough there it was. No sign stating what movies are being shown and to help locate the theater. Plenty of parking, and only $4.00 each to see a 3:30pm showing!!!!  Of course, Scott had to opt for a medium popcorn & drink. But for only 75 cents more you can get a large....oh, ok.  Total movie date was $19.00. That's still a great price!
The Hunger Games movie, was good, but the books were better. In the books you have longer to build the characters and suspense.
PETS: While going out to breakfast the other day, we opted to let Devin be loose in the RV. We normally crate him, which he doesn't mind at all, but just an extra step to get the crate, open and then fold up and put away. Devin was a good boy!!! He just settled himself on the floor of the bedroom and we assume slept.  He did not mind us being away, he did not chew anything he shouldn't etc.  We think this situation may even make Lyla more calm while we are away.  Our baby boy is growing up!

DOG PARK REVIEW: We found the Cottonwood Dog Park that was recommended to us.  Very nice park. It is located behind the Utah Dept. of Agriculture & Food, 350 North Redwood Rd. Salt Lake City, UT 84116. We went around 6pm and only 1 other dog showed up. But very large fenced in grassy off leash park.  Lots of trees for shade. Only a couple of places to sit. Water fountain for dogs provided, doggie bags, double gate entrance. No section for small dogs.
Two negatives,were the general neighborhood. This is in North Salt Lake, only about 4 miles from our RV park. But the neighborhood seems more low income and there was a homeless guy sitting on the park bench, that made us uncomfortable. The other is the dog park fence is also the fence for private homes.  One home had a larger dog that did not seem dog friendly, or he was just protecting his property. Either way, Devin wanted to say hello, which was just aggravating this dog, causing a lot of barking and attacking the fence. 
Yellow Tail Cabernet Merlot: Usually under $10.00
As described on the YELLOW TAIL SITE, "blackberry, chocolate and luscious vanilla aromas."  Of course, I don't taste anything of that, but I do like this full bodied wine. Good cheap wine, but once opened goes sour quickly.
I like most Yellow Tail red wines. 
Don Quixote Manhattan Project Merlot: $15.00
Manhattan Project Merlot
We visited the DON QUIXOTE DISTILLERY while in Sante Fe. You can view the review at THIS POST. Most wineries we go to, I am not impressed by their dry reds. Scott usually finds something he likes in the sweet reds, or fruit wines.  I was pleasantly surprised that DQ dry reds were substantial. I thoroughly enjoyed 2 bottles of the Manhattan Project.  No after taste, but pleasant going down.
Rio Grande Roasters "Outlaw"
This coffee was found at the local grocery, Smith's. They had a large selection of coffee beans and a grinder.  I like my coffee like my wine, full bodied. Hmm, maybe that's why my body shape is full bodied? Just trying to be consistent I guess.
I love the description under the name: "A rugged dark roast, so smooth it's criminal". Admittedly, that's why I chose this coffee. I was not disappointed. When I grind my beans, I always go for the espresso grind, even though I have a drip coffee maker. The smaller grind seems to produce a stronger coffee.
This is VERY SMOOTH, but not as full bodied as I'd like, but enough to enjoy as my black morning coffee. I plan to purchase a little more before we leave. More because I like the description.

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